Aorry for not updating for so long. I have not the internet and have been unable to access a computer for quite some time. I’m at Staples with Steve. He finished school last month and has been working all the time every day ever since. He got a job as a personal assistant for Rob Parisien. Rob made I Robot. It’s awesome. A few days ago he offered to make me a music video when my song is done. Score!

In other news, this is depressing, we’ll probably be moving again. Our landlords decided to sell their house, so were looking to rent a house in Burnaby. We’re leaving North Van. Not sure if and when this will happen but thought I’d keep you posted. I’ll be getting a transfer to another Chevron. I also got a new boss, which is cool, but sad because Craig kicks ass.

Steve is making $10 an hour right now. He was offered a video assist job on a three month video shoot, he’ll be making $30 an hour. In other news, I totally met John Cusack last week. He was filming a movie called Martian Child just off Capilano Road. I also got my hair cut short, above my shoulders, but everyone thinks it’s tres hot.

We might lease a smart car next year since now we can afford it… and I’m going to the Vancouver Art Institute for Audio Engineering when I go. 😀

But anyway, I know that sucked but I gotta go. I will try to update when I can. Loves.


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/13/2005.

One Response to “Curious”

  1. haha, that’s crazy yo…

    Some friends (band mates) & I were gonna be taking some audio engineering courses together as well, possibly in Surrey though.

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