An entry in 30 seconds…

…or so. It could be longer, or shorter. Steven is currently handing in his project at the college. I am in the library again capitalizing on someone else’s generosity. I am shamefully selfish. *NOT*

It’s true, I can be. Steve is having some wicked back pain and a slew of minor symptoms that sound like a kidney infection. He has wicked flank pain and pain on either side of his lower back, which aside from the fact that it doesn’t hurt him to pee, is incredibly textbook. I sent him to the walk-in clinic and the doctor had the audacity to say “You don’t need a urine test, you’re just fat.” The last time someone I know was told that they ended up in the hospital with an iron deficiency-induced coma requiring surgery to correct it. Fuck doctors and their illogical laziness. Steve is overwheight, we’re not stupid. But he has been the most of his life. It’s not like he gained wheight enough to constitute pain so bad he can barely stand. That makes no sense.

I got paid. Money money money. 😀

All the Quizno’s customers are always coming in telling me how it’s not the same without me, and that they’re just a lot of assholes over there. I feel warm and fuzzy within. They come in a lot though, to say hi and grab coffee. It’s unfortunate though, since that poor guy in the Valley got dragged for 7.5km after a driveaway from an Esso, people have universally decided that it must be easy to get away with, and are trying like 2-3 times more often to steal their gas. I stopped a 70 year old woman today from driving away. Apparently she didn’t agree with having to pay for diesel.

Steve is here. 30 seconds is up.



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