More Residual Shit About Phil

We’ve been having some really bad residual effects from Phil’s time here. It makes us sick that he thinks that
he was doing us some favor by being here. He almost lost us our home, and we may lose it anyway. He thinks that he’s Goth. He fits himself into a persona called EtherGoth. It’s a classification covered in a book called “How To Be Goth” by Voltaire. It’s kind of a novelty. It’s funny though, Ethergoth is just someone wearing all black. That’s not black. That’s just the elimination of variation. Give me a break! He’s as UNgoth as they get!!

He goes out to avoid ever having to enter the real world. He spends everything he has so that he can live “Spartan”. That’s just Philinese for living without responsibilities. You don’t have to be dark to be goth. It depends. You have to be attracted to darkness. Phil is the most numb, unfeeling, emotionless person I’ve ever known. He calls himself manic depressive and has the balls to say that he is incapable of feeling unhappiness. He likes pain, he likes cutting himself, but he’s not unhappy? That’s not depression that’s masochism. I could see him being a sexual deviant. He acts like he can’t show people how he feels. He can, it’s just he’s too self involved to try. And he drinks, a lot. He thinks that makes him an alcoholic but I disagree. I lived with one for ten years. Alcoholics can’t help themselves. They literally feel pain when they aren’t drinking, and they drink every opportunity they get. They NEED to drink. We worked it out, my Dad and I. Lesley sunk $200,000 into booze in ten years. THAT’S INSANE!!!!! THAT is an alcoholic.

Instead of trying to save his money while he was here, Phil spent everything he had on crap, and then had the foolishness to attempt applying for a loan at the bank. Another problem with living “spartan”? No collateral. In JANUARY Phil was saying he could save up is rent money. By MARCH he still had nothing.

And this whole T-Barz shit. Give me a break. He was there ONCE! And he was calling it “his favorite bar.” Of course it was his favorite bar. Anyplace that women are forced to objectify themselves by shaking their titties around would be his favorite bar. He paid the stripper a hundred bucks, and she gave him a hug. That doesn’t make him a stud, that makes him a moron. Anyone who passes off a hundred bucks to a stripper is dumb. He PAID for that hug. On King George that’s enough for a fuck and a blowjob.

It bothers me that a guy who works at Quizno’s making $8/hour can waste so much money on something so STUPID when he has no roof over his head. He kept saying that he didn’t want to get stuck working a job like that: low paying and service-end. But he doesn’t have anything else. He doesn’t use his integrity or his people skills and he doesn’t have any training beyond that. He’s only ever had two valid jobs, including the one he’s got!

When he moved here he swore he would be out in one week and that he would be fine and blah blah fucking blah. It meant nothing. He’ll be lucky to have anything to salvage in terms of friendship with me. He’ll have to earn back my trust because I can’t trust him for my life. Not for anyone’s life.

I couldn’t even trust him with my family. About the whole breasts situation, I remember him telling me that he didn’t bring it up, but even so, he’s said to me that he thought she had a great body. Euugghhh. Stay away.

He thinks that we weren’t giving him messages from apartment hunting and shit. The truth is, he never GOT any. How’s that for “go shove your undeservedly HUGE ego up your sodomistic ass” buddy? As for things falling apart here since he left, they haven’t. I’m having a ball, a great time, Steve and I are eating properly again, having tons of loving, healthy sex, and getting along again like two peas in a very comfy pod.

Prophetic bullshit from YOUR mouth will get you nowhere but down.

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 03/05/2005.

12 Responses to “More Residual Shit About Phil”

  1. I must comment that the red and black leather jacket with gold eyelets screamed of a half assed attempt at trying to be different. I definately aggree with you on the alcoholic thing, alcoholics need liquor, I’ve met a few.

    Yay for things being much better for you though!

  2. “Phil is the most numb, unfeeling, emotionless person I’ve ever known. He calls himself manic depressive and has the balls to say that he is incapable of feeling unhappiness. He likes pain, he likes cutting himself, but he’s not unhappy? That’s not depression that’s masochism.”

    Do you really think that is going to make Phil feel any better? Of course he feels things (although he might not like to make it noticeable), he’s human..I mean c’mon, the poor guy has a lot of weight on his shoulders. He doesn’t have a signifigant other so he’s on his own.

    Usually people that are single like to go out and have fun. Phil’s a young guy, so he should go out and have fun now, while he still can. I know $100 was WAY too much to give a stripper (for a picture and two hugs) but I mean it’s his money…he should be worrying about it the most. I know you have reasons to worry about his financial well-being (when he was living with you) but now that he’s gone…does it really matter anymore?

    I don’t know the full situation though, so I’m not going to go out of my way to say anything else. Just thought I should throw in my thoughts, considering I brought him to T-barz.

    • After being treated like the things I set forth in my own home, the things that I expect, and want to have respected do not matter, after being treated like I am just someone to be used, I’m not out to be nice to Phil.

      I mean that it’s retarded to be spending insane amounts of money on useless things when he has nowhere to live, and having us have to make up for that debt in our home. Its unfair that we have to assume the debt from his “joy” spending.

    • Worried about OUR money.

      Sure, Phil is single, and sure, single people like to have fun. The fun Phil was having was at our expense.

      Instead of stepping out and going to strip clubs, and hanging in the city dropping copious amounts of cash, he should have realized that when you move, it’s priority one to actually find a place to live.

      He should have found a place in no time, and he would have had plenty of cash to pay for one, had he not been out spending his time, and his cash, on other things.

      Then he’d whine and complain about the measly $200 he was asked per month for food and rent. If he wasn’t out spending money, he would have saved (simple). If he wasn’t out spending money he would have been finding a place to live (simple). If he wasn’t out spending money, he wouldn’t have stayed with us for so long and jeopardized our relationship with our landlord. Keep in mind that he was only supposed to be with us for one week, and that we wouldn’t have asked him for anything, even if he was out at only three.

      So you see, the more money of his he spent, the longer he had to stay with us. And the longer he had to stay, the more it cost us financially, emotionally, and in terms of privacy and relationships.

      Worried about his situation? No. We were worrying about ours.

      • Re: Worried about OUR money.

        Yeah I get what you’re saying. He actually told me that your place was smaller than mine (mine is very small). I couldn’t believe it was that small, until he reminded me a few times…

        I could see how that would be hard on a couple…he hasn’t slept in bed for like 3 months either…or something like that, which is kinda funny..

        The way I look at it though, is it’s all over and done with now.

        Phil kinda mentioned to me the next time he sees Kassi will probably be in 20 years at some sort of grad reunion type thing and maybe/hopefully they’ll be on the same level with things by then…

        but anyways, GLAD you guys finally got the internet back…or something.

      • Re: Worried about OUR money.

        You know what? Every single time I start to feel a little bad about what happened with Phil, he does something to remind me of how sickeningly selfish and childish he is. I unplugged his shit twice. If that constitutes not seeing him for twenty years then I have no interest in seeing him EVER. Tell him to grow the fuck up right the fuck now, or just let it go, be depressed, get it over with so that we don’t have to hear his immature whining anymore.

  3. I am kinda shocked, i mean…. hell, that didnt sound like the Phil i met when he was in Terrace….i thought he stopped cutting himself….him paying for a stripper…..? God damn it…. * shakes head* I feel like its all a dream…. are we talking about the same Phil….? What happened to the guy i used to know? Was it all fake….? Was it all just a mask? I think you know me at least a bit Cassy, and you know that i am truely shocked by all yo said…..and now i am worried about loosing the guy i used to know… or realizing i was living a lie….

    • I’d been warned about Phil before, that he wasn’t what I thought he was, but I ignored it. And his behavior has been totally out of the character that I am farmiliar with. But according to others, Phil hasn’t changed at all, this is something that has been desperately ongoing.

  4. *hug* i still wub j00 guys 😦

  5. Steev says you could probably get five hookers for $100 on King George ;P

  6. *Pat pat* Feel a little released? Man, you must have needed to get that shit out!

    Glad to hear you guys are out of your stressful sitch. Bad roommates suck, yo. And *shakes head* man, how did you live without the net? Ouch.

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