Life Is Good! This is Fun! I Live In A Giant Bucket!

My Spoon Is Too Big!


Another day another entry. Finally! Just a short one this time because we’re going to bed soon. Finally got the fifth season of Angel. I now own all of them! Yay! We’re onto the third disk.

Steve’s birthday was last week. He’s an ancient 21 years old now. He’s legal internationally! Yay! He just bought Six Feet Under Season 1. He’s very excited to watch it. I have this great appreciation for HBO.

We also finally got the DVD player we wanted. My Mom bought us a shitty no-name DVD player for Christmas (which was nice of her don’t get me wrong) and a slow cooker (we already had one) so we traded them in and we were going to get this wicked Philips DVD player that is region-free and plays EVERYTHING but there was a four month wait list for it. Anyway, that was a month ago. We were told to buy something else, so we bought a Samsung, which was very close but had quite a bit less and was a bit buggy. We went in today and they had the player we wanted so we spent $1.02 and bought the one we wanted. 😀

Our apartment flooded. 😦 Turns out someone who isn’t me or Steve flushed almost an entire roll of paper towel down the toilet. Well… ALMOST almost. Hehehe.

But like I said, just short this time. I’m alive… heehee. 😀


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 03/02/2005.

2 Responses to “Life Is Good! This is Fun! I Live In A Giant Bucket!”

  1. *waves*

    I have this like..kick ass KOSS dvd player I bought down here for 40 bucks a while back that is region free. It helps me out a lot considering most of my movies are PAL.

    Anyways, I’m glad to hear that you guys are doing better now. Me and Steve were talking about jamming sometime soon, for old times sake. Maybe we should hang-out first.

  2. Duuude!! I’m so sorry I didnt phone back last night but I was sooo sick and drugged up on gravol I didnt know if I was standing or sitting! lol I’ll call you sometime soon
    — Jen

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