Geek Love and Rigor Mortis

Nevermind. My head smokes crack. I don’t. I’m sitting in a computer store with my boss, who is looking over my shoulder and wondering (what kind of crazy is that???) I’ll never know. Anyway, my LJ addiction has forced me to come online and say something really strange, maybe a little sick, and quite possibly rather hilarious. (I love far out combinations). I’m helping pick out a PC. Not that I’ll be able to get online to check, but if anyone can find the specs on an HP Pavillion 1200 Notebook I’d be thankful. My boss is looking at getting one rebuilt/used for $500 which I think is unbelievable.

I’m looking at price (under $1000) wheight (it’s for a med student) and specs. I only need 10gb, (the laptop has amd duron 900 mhz can anyone elaborate??) vid card doesn’t matter, no rw drives, just for using the internet and wprocessing. Preferrably XP Pro?? Thnx. L33t.

Anyway, still no internet, still no privacy. I spent at least $100 I couldn’t afford but at least now I’m happy. 😀 (That’s logic for you). [Insert lack of brain activity here].

I’m going to see my doctor. I felt like smack yesterday, and really tired, and I’ve been shaking nonstop ever since. Stoopid Hypoglyciemia. Anyway. I love all my sexy biznatches. I’m not all here so if this entry sounds fubar feel free to let me know. *hug*



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 02/09/2005.

2 Responses to “Geek Love and Rigor Mortis”

  1. Nata had a baby girl on the 9th! Though you might want to know and shes healthy and everything!

    • I was actually hoping to call her this week. I’ve been working double shifts all the time since I called her last… 😦

      I’m so happy to hear that she is doing well. Tell her that I will try my best to give her a call very soon. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

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