Happy New Year

So hello. Happy New Year.

We spent all night eating hot wings and chips. Drank a huge bottle of Corona and got sorta dizzy. I’ve never been that close to drunk before. LOL. I am a cheap drunk.

We stayed up late and watched a Buffy/Angel marathon. We’re finally into the last seasons, which is sad too. We’ll be starting Roswell soon, then Tru Calling… or vice versa, whatever.

I worry about my wheight a lot, but only because I want to be healthy. I’m not worried about how I look because the people who love me for who I am are the only people that matter. For the first time in my life I am willing to love and accept myself… which is a huge feat if you consider what this life has been like.

But I am hypoglyciemic, and I need to eat more often without eating MORE. I ended up making myself really sick for a little while. It’s a side effect of a drastic diet change, because I did it overnight. I lost a crapload of wheight just doing tiny things. I cut refined sugars from my diet completely, cut WAY back on how much salt I consume… I stopped drinking coffee, and I drink very little in the way of caffeinated drinks anymore. I drink a lot of natural juice now, like sugar free cranberry and orange juice. We take it easier on the milk, and switched from 2% to 1%. We put vegetables in everything we eat, cooked and uncooked. We buy a lot less in the way of instant food. We switched from white to whole wheat pastas. We have seriously limited ourselves in treat foods, like cheese and pasta anyway. I resigned myself to making it very clear that pasta is a side dish… not a meal.

We only eat lean meat now too, which is great. And getting good, healthy amounts of sleep helps my metabolism. That’s why I chose so far not to give in and buy a bus pass. Because I can walk to work, but not home. I do what I can.

Anyway… Happy New Year. 😀


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 01/01/2005.

2 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. Dude, why dont you kick Phil out on his ass? I would (Even though I love him!) You cant afford him, so he *NEEDS* to be gone. He needs to learn that in the real world you dont get any free rides. He needs a Sugah Mamma for that and you aint his!
    — Jen
    P.S I didnt hear anything about this new song and the radio! WHY NOT?!?
    Email me and tell me a good time to be on MSN ’cause I need to talk to you. Its really important.

  2. Hey Kassi, just wondering how you were doing. I agree with your friend – Jen? Because no matter how much a friend matters to you, it is nevertheless not your responsibility to buoy them up and go under yourself. Here’s hoping things are still going good for you!
    *crosses fingers for you*

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