Paper Flowers

So I’m sitting here on the computer. Steve is portioning the meat we just bought at the store, and he’s telling me the rules about the new Vampires Of The Masquerade game.

I’m kinda wrapped up in thinking about different things. There’s Phil, which isn’t new, but still just as irritating. He owes us $200 a month rent, but he thinks he’s going to pay it in weekly installments… (HA!) if we were real landlords that wouldn’t be happening. We expect to be treated like he is renting off of us if he intends to stay up all night on our television, and our computer and on our phone, and if he intends to do all of his laundry seperately from ours, and take long, hot showers and use his computer and just leave it on when he isn’t using it.

We used to spend maybe $70 on food every three weeks. We’re spending about $150 every two weeks now. We went through six loaves of bread in two weeks, and I know that I didn’t have two loaves of bread to myself and neither did Steven. We’re financially UNSTABLE right now, we offered to open our home to Phil for TWO WEEKS and now it’s going to be TWO MONTHS. He has some crazy unrealistic idea that he is going to be able to move out in the next week or two which is totally just out there. He hasn’t called many places (I believe one or two) yet to see if they have available apartments in his price range in a reasonable amount of time, so all the ones he has looked at lately will likely be gone before he even calls.

He has $200 to his name right now, which he owes us in rent because he SPENT everything else he had.

I don’t know why he thought moving 30,000km to a place he’s never been was going to be cheap or easy. It isn’t for us and we were doing okay for a party of two. I can’t support three people and a college fund on what I make. It isn’t happening.

Also, there’s LESLEY. WHO IS A SKANK ASS BITCH WHORE CUNT ASSHOLE FUCK who is trying to soak my Dad for every last cent he has (which is my inheritance by the way). I think that I am going to go to a pro bono lawyer (I qualified for one) and sue her ass all to hell and back. It’s fucking big enough. (YOU’RE A STUPID FAT UGLY SNATCH!)

Anyway… I am going now before I blow a gasket. *sigh*


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 12/29/2004.

4 Responses to “Paper Flowers”

  1. give me an address. i now do contract killings.

  2. I know the phone thing till 4a.m. was because he was talking to a REALLY good friend of mine, one of the nicest people I know. She was basically the only friend I had when I first moved down here.

    Familiarity breeds contempt…dunno if I’ll be movin out with friends for a while. I just hope things get better in your neck of the woods.

    • The thing about this whole living with friends is I’ve done it before. It’s only a problem if there is someone in the mix who can’t have respect for your arrangement. If everyone else is going by “the rules” and one person isn’t you’re fucked. We told him the way money works, etc and he seems to want to do whatever he wants with our stuff in our house.

      Seriously, if you can’t have respect for the fact that you are a burden on others financially and that perhaps making things more functional would be some kind of THANK you, then get the fuck out. I love him to death but I seriously don’t know if he could survive on his own here.

      • I think if it would have been just you and me it would have been WAAAY better. Mum gets on my nerves and I get cranky. I’m not like that when I dont have to live with her, you know that 🙂 I wouldnt be able to do what phil is doing couse I’d feel Uber guilty and like a moocher.

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