Long Day


Did some quizzes… they are

The secrets within you
LJ Username
sexual status very good sexsingle&nosexvirgin
give it to me chaotic_order
This cool quiz by xrealiteit – Taken 3986 Times.

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What Is Your Best Sexual Skill?
Sex: MaleFemale
Sexuality: StraightGayBisexual
Flirting Skill Level – 5%

Kissing Skill Level – 100%

Cudding Skill Level – 89%

Sex Skill Level – 54%

Why They Love You You are very sweet.
Why They Hate You They can’t bend the way you want them to.
This quiz by lady_wintermoon – Taken 945936 Times.

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Your LJ Perfect Date
LJ Username
Gender femalemaleumm, lemme check
Mood happyhornysadangrynotalgicannoyedother
Choose a random word
Your Perfect Date ghostex
You have dinner at a Japanese restaurant
Afterwards you make love
Your date asks you if you’d like to go out again
You say run, Forest, run!
Chance you will get lucky – 31%

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Which Sin Are You?
Favourite Color
You are… Not a sin
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What type of sex are you into?
Full Name
Your Sexual Preferance is Bisexual
Your Type of Sex is Traditional
Favourite Position Female Dominating
Favourite Toy Nothing
This fun quiz by Amethyst – Taken 18620 Times.

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Your LiveJournal Wedding
LJ Username
Do heterosexual divorces go against God? Yeah.I don’t know.
Do you want to get married? Yes.No.
You’re Marrying… tonictears
Best Man ghostex
Maid on Honour savagepenguin
Flower Girl & Ring Bearer savagepenguin
Priest savagepenguin
The One Who Objects nursebelle
This Quiz by imsogrrj – Taken 1290 Times.

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Will Your LJ Friends Survive Your Friendship?
LJ Username
Which frined will mostly likely to hide in your closet: punkrawkangel69
Lose a limb in a poker game: sirmorpheous
Attacked by a Jesus impersonator: brandryth
Will be raped by a tenticle beast: crimsonghost999
Which friend will rape a tentacle beast? differentnerd
Chance of rain today – 22%

This Quiz by ajlordnikon – Taken 633 Times.

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A Date With Your Live Journal Friend!
LJ Username
Your Date nursebelle
When they get there you go out for dinner
After that you watch porn
And then you call up savagepenguin
And you skip around like idiots
Chance you will get them in bed with you.. – 28%

This cool quiz by Asphyxiate – Taken 320 Times.

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In other news has anyone heard the theories on Yasser Arafat? Apparently he is in a reversible induced coma that he was put into for the purpose of performing a biopsy (?? in this country we can be fully conscious for out biopsies…?) but is near death. Some of the theories, since his illness is unknown, is that he suffers from Leukemia. Others have claimed that it could be AIDS.

Anyway… I cut my hand and it hurts to type… that and we have to finish mixing my song so we can start the new one…



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 11/05/2004.

2 Responses to “Long Day”

  1. I read about it… I just find myself so jaded by modern media that I really don’t believe a word of what I hear. It’s so unlikely for anything put forward to be the truth. Have you ever seen Wag the Dog? It’s kind of like that in my mind.

  2. He is suffering from conspiracy.

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