One Year Ago Today I was Here.

I remember it was a decent day. Frost still hadn’t hit the windsheilds of the family cars (my car…. *sigh*) and I had money to waste. I was excited because I was dying my hair black for the first time, and I could watch the 2nd season of Angel while I waited for it to go. I had finished work and I was listening to “coverage” on my way home. Right now I feel like popping it into a cd player and just drifting back.

This last year was so huge for me. I grew so much and moved on so much from where I used to be and my GOD am I going to miss it.

Today I did not get paid. I was paid recently though… I bought a buffy doll.

Steve so wanted me to tell you all that…

Today I was at work early and got my work done very quickly. My boss has been this control freak headcase about everything with me until recently. Actually she’s a control freak about EVERYTHING but she has been so nice to me because I’ve gone that extra mile for her.

Everything feels different. Everything looks different. I am different. And that is… so so scary. A year ago I felt like I had just been freed from that prison known as grade school, and now I feel lost from it. Now I feel astray and mislead. Now I feel reoriented and sometimes even confused.

But I’m still very much in love with you, Steven.

Speaking of a year ago… Phil… I miss you so so much. I don’t know about you coming to stay here if you need a place. We’re pretty cramped for room. But we have an extra bed, and if it comes to crunch time I’m sure we can work something out to get you on your feet… however it may just be in your best interest to go somewhere closer to Surrey, like with Cherry or Meggz or even Tyler.

If you come, visit. Stay here for a bit (I’ll have to clear it with the Steve). I MISS YOU MAN! *HUGS!* You are absolutely hands down my best man friend. *CRY*



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 10/25/2004.

6 Responses to “Reflected”

  1. /feels missing

    • Hey, you aren’t missing. The way I had it, you had a place to go. I can’t wait until you get here you crazy person!

      And just cuz we aren’t BEST friends (come on, you wouldn’t give that title to me) doesn’t mean we aren’t great friends. *hug*

      you are sooooo not missing. but we do miss you!


  2. Yay for Buffy nipples?

    Well… I must admit. I’d rather be your best man friend than your best man bitch 😛

    I’m actually planning a trip down that way for my birthday. Have a good one instead of doing nothing like last year.
    It shall be fun… and would give me a chance to check things out there for housing and jobs and such… though that won’t be the main reason for going.

    • Re: Yay for Buffy nipples?

      That should be cool. It really depends on how long you’re here for and where you’re looking at moving to. North Van is wicked expensive. Our tiny ass apartment is $550 a month (and it’s only 500 square feet, and 200 square feet of it is only 4 feet high). But that includes cable/internet and utilities. Also, you’d be hard pressed to find another apartment for rent that is that cheap.


  3. Hey! I’m totally coming to vancouver sometime soon cause i wanna goto this one museum cause my great great great uncle frank burnett is in it. He was an anthropologist AND he wrote a ton of books. It must run in the family cause Matt is taking anthropology courses(and loooooves it) and I plan on being a Forensic Anthroplogist 😀 cool eh?

    • That’s awesome. I always thought forensics was cool. However I lack in the math department. I love forensic analysis. If I thought I had a chance in hell of being able to do it I likely would.


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