So just in case anybody didn’t notice, I became an Aunt on October 2nd. It’s very shamelessly displayed on my last post… not that anybody seems to care.

Yeah. My older sister Katrina, the one who was never going to have kids, is a mother. My sister, who wanted so much from the world, gave EVERYTHING to have her first child. A daughter named Cheyenne. So show some respect, and some admiration.

I’m not entirely pleased. She is such an amazing person, and so strong for going through what it took to give her child life. She woke up with her water broken, 3cm dialated and in labour, ALONE. She took it upon herself to call the ambulance and get herself to the hospital where she spent the next 4 hours ALONE.

When Doug finally got there he was being an asshole. He kept making drug jokes in front of the nurse and kept leaving. He didn’t stay with her for more than five minutes until an hour before she delivered. She was in incredible pain, even with all the medication they gave her. She was in labour for 10 hours and I stayed by her side for 7 of them. Doug got upset and started huffing the laughing gas they gave my sister for her contractions. He stole his friend some needles for jail tattooing. He was being a total asshole, he was descriptively vulgar to the nurse, and called her Paqui and told her to learn English. I finally had to stand up and tell him that if he didn’t shut up and be a good birth coach and a decent father, then I’d let security throw him out of the hospital… and they nearly did.

So maybe next time something important happens, and I am the sole support for someone going through a HUGE life change, and you come by and READ IT, perhaps you could stop and say “CONGRATULATIONS” or SOMETHING, if you’re a big enough person to ATTEMPT such a feat. God forbid you cramp your precious fingers on your keyboard trying.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 10/05/2004.

12 Responses to “Cold”


    Congrats on becoming an aunt Kass, ecstatic to hear about it :D.

    This Doug guy…sounds like a total fuckin IDIOT. I’d start jabbing needles INTO HIM and teach him not to fuck with shit in a HOSPITAL of all places.

    Anyways, I’m just glad nothing bad happened to Cheyenne..

  2. Births happen a lot, and it’s hard to figure out which ones mean a lot to people, and which ones don’t. I didn’t know anything about your sister, or that you were even there.
    When I saw the post, I thought “Hey, that’s cool.” but desided that posting so would be a little lame, and was hopping that someone would say something a little more prophetic…
    Sounds like this went well, given all that could have gone wrong. I am happy for you, and I think you know that. I am glad that nothing bad happened to anyone involved (but it would have been just if that fucktard stabbed himself in the eye with one of those needles or something).

    Some times this sort of thing doesn’t work out well, but most of the time it does. It’s sad when it doesn’t…
    Last time I became an uncle, I had to go to the kid’s funeral a few days later…

    • Chalk it up to my being in a bad mood, but it’s also the first time I’m an aunt, and it’s my sister’s first, and likely ONLY child. I just hoped somebody would be like “YEAH THAT ROCKS!” *pat pat* It was kinda a let down for a day or two but whatever.


  3. Can i eat the child?

  4. I agree with what Phil said. I’ve never had any desire for kids or to be around babies *is afraid of breaking them some how* But that ordeal is something quite mentionable. *applauds both you and your sister* I hope this Doug-bastard starts acting a little more mature… it’s rather tragic(on the mother’s part) when the father decides to just do shit all… *has seen that happen*

  5. I was thinking about relpying but I’m not really one to say the usual congratulations, ….

    That Rawks, good job, to both you and your sister…

    No one thought that my Mom’s only sister, my aunt would never have a child and now she is expecting her 2nd…

  6. This might cheer you up a bit

    Steve’s GST checks are coming to our house so send mum your new address so she can send it (or them) Might wanna get an address change with them so they’ll come there instead of here.
    *~* Jen *~*

    • Re: This might cheer you up a bit

      Jen… we already did an address change. Take them to the post office and have them put our new address on them, because we did our address change in July. We already paid $70 bucks for it.

      Just in case they can’t find it or whatever, our new address is (AND I ALREADY LEFT IT AND OUR PHONE NUMBER ON THE BACK OF THE PAINTING FOR YOU)

      835 Sutherland St
      North Vancouver
      BC Canada
      V7L 4A2


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