Stoopid Schwegel

So I’m building my website right? I sent a letter to artist John Schwegel (Fizzgig on DeviantArt) to ask him if I could use one of his pictures on my site (the animation on my last entry). I was very polite and offered him a credit, I told him I hadn’t yet put my site online and I sent him a sample of how I’d used his image.
Well I get this letter back roughly a week later and he freaked. He started ranting about how people (meaning me) should never steal people’s art EVER and that his work was copyrighted and using it was illegal.

So I wrote him back, telling him that he was a rude, egotistical, extremely unprofessional asshole and that if he’d said yes I’d have told him where to shove it. I also had to tell him that asking permission to use someone’s art is NOT stealing because I asked permission. I also had to remind him that EVERYBODY’S art is copyrighted and that copyright law only stands if the image is still in it’s original form (I changed the color of the eyes, added a flower to her hair and changed the color levels, I also removed the insignia and the background). So I basically went on to tell him he was a selfish hack with a bad personality and that I wished him the best of luck alone with art that nobody wants to appreciate because the artist is a jerk. So now the picture I plan to use on my site will be different, and in my opinion is BETTER.

In other news, I haven’t been feeling very well lately. Anyone who is good at pinpointing illnesses, please leave me a comment on your ideas. I’ve been getting painful migraines (one landed me in bed for 24 hours), fatigue, I’ve had a salt craving, and in the middle of the day (between 2 and 4pm) I’ve been suddenly feeling weak in my upper body, getting tremors (light, uncontrollable shaking)in my arms and hands and then I feel nauseous. I eat something (anything, usually bread) and drink something (usually something sweet like pop or juice) and then about 10-15 minutes later I feel better.

I’ve had a similar problem for over two years, but the tremors are usually accompanied by an extremely painful stomachache which leads to the nausea. I haven’t had the stomach aches lately.

Anyway, other than that things are bloody awesome. I talked to Sheila yesterday and she and I are gonna do a starbucks hit and a popcorn raid before watching some kickass movies sometime. She’s supposed to come over at the end of the month.

The computer is wheezing again. 😦



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 09/12/2004.

3 Responses to “Stoopid Schwegel”

  1. Too bad the other picture didn’t work out… I liked it…
    Posting the new one any time soon?

    As for the illness… not too sure, but it might not be a bad idea to get a blood workup done. Some of that sounds like dibetes, but not the shaking/tremers *shrugs*

  2. Man, that guy sounds like an asshole, getting mad over something you had asked him about politely and were definitely not stealing. Good riddance.
    Too bad you are sick…that all sounds quite scary…the only thing I could really think of is dehydration…the headaches, etc., or maybe it’s just stress/exhaustion. Even when we’re having a good time, and good stress, like it sounds like you have in a brand new busy place, we can still have our bodies backing out on us. Try to rest when you get a chance, no matter how little, and maybe see if what you eat or drink forms a pattern related to these symptoms. Take care,

  3. The tremors/shaking could be a viral infection of some sort, just hope it isn’t in the lungs. I’ve seen some fucked up stuff. When I was in the hospital, the guy in the bed across from me had 5 different viral infections in his LUNGS. I’m tellin yah…he looked VERY FUCKED UP. He looked so sick, even looking at him and hearing the sounds of him vomit and what not made me more sick to the stomache.

    If worst comes to worst, you may wanna try to get a family physician down here, get them to transfer your files from Terrace or something. They can *sometimes* hook yah up with some great meds ;).

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