Stigmata (Part One)

Remember a little ways back when I said I was working on some icons? Well here they are. I know that none of you will credit so on default I just don’t give a fuck. If I’d watermarked them you people with photoshop would have removed it so FREEWARE PARTY! Enjoy. 🙂

For those wondering how I did it, I used:

  • Intervideo winDVD
  • Adobe Imageready
  • GIF MovieGear

    I know these are abstract but that’s what I like. I’m going through my DVD’s one by one to do this, so you’ll be looking forward to lots of yummy iconnage. I’m less driven towards creating objective movie icons. But love them anyway.


    ~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 08/29/2004.

  • 9 Responses to “Stigmata (Part One)”

    1. I’m not likely to use any of those icons, but a great movie choice none the less 😀

    2. Holy k-rap, Kassi, those are beautiful! Just to let you know for the heck of it, I did take #4.

    3. Make a predator icon for me please 😀

      Preferably when he extends his arm attack claws, or when his shoulder cannon is targeting someone.

      And a pricing of that coffin thing you want from ebay.

      and a relink. im too tired to look for it.

    4. Those icons look damn nice Kass. I was just talken to Andrew (keyboard guy in my band) and he read your post through one of those “most recent LJ picture” sites. He was still up on his computer at 9:06 a.m., just constantly refreshing the page hehe. They look all pro-tastic and stuff :).

      • Icons

        Thank you. I feel tres special now. 😀 Tell him I’m right in the middle of making more, so he can come back and enjoy more icon hotness. I’ll be taking the current icons and moving them to my website so I can make room for new ones.


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