Split A Piece Of Wood

“Live as though you are the change you wish to see in the world…” -Ghandi

Today was long. I only worked 4 hours but it was still long. I made about 200 sandwiches today. The lunch rush just flew by. But I did the dishes like six times, no joke. I had to refill the veggie cooler twice. My feet hurt, my back hurt and people are so messy. Ergh.

Steve and I went shopping. I bought:

  • Black House by Stephen King + Peter Straub (Hardcover)
  • Nightmares and Dreamscapes by Stephen King (Hardcover)
  • Needful Things by Stephen King (Hardcover)

    We bought some other stuff like a toothbrush holder/tumbler set, fridge magnets, a spoon plate for the stove, a hazard light for the computer, batteries, a shopping list with magnet blah blah biddy blah.

    Not much has been going on lately. I’ve been making lj icons, which I will post when I have the opportunity. I haven’t been home in time to create my own Photobucket, and Photopic is down. 😦 They’re really beautiful.

    Steve and I are currently working on two albums, one for him/us and one for me. We’re recording a cover of This Song.

    Anyway, I’ll update again later, that’s a promise. Hopefully with my icons. I don’t have enough to worry about right now anyway. Muchluv.



    ~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 08/25/2004.

  • 7 Responses to “Split A Piece Of Wood”

    1. OMG! I was at the fridge just a second ago and I smelled A&W GREASE!!! I whipped around and thught for s split second you must be home from work then i realized you didnt live here anymore and I dont work there so I dont know why i smelt it! So anyway I went on a search and distroy mission smelling everything in the kitchen.. Didnt find the grease though… must be becuase i have a cold that im smelling weird things
      *~* Jen *~*
      Ps. that had nothing to do with the entry of yours lmao

      • A&W Grease

        I miss you too. Lots of stuff I hate going on. I got charged 10x the regular amount for my shot. ARGH! We got a parking ticket. ARGH! I now have to pay the phone bill! ARGH ARGH ARGH!


        • Re: A&W Grease

          Oh no! Why did you get a parking ticket? I hope it wasnt too much $$. How much was your shot normally?

          Sucks having to run a household dosent it?
          *~* Jen *~*

        • Re: A&W Grease

          STEVE got a parking ticket, because he parked in a zoned spot. Grr. My shot is usually $4.37. I paid $43.70.


        • Re: A&W Grease

          wow thats a muthur fuckin lot for a shot.. Why’d it cost more there then here?
          *~* Jen *~*
          Ps. I just saw King Arthur.. VERY FUCKIN AWESOME!

        • Re: A&W Grease

          no clue. working on finding out.

    2. Hey.. I just sent a pic to your chupachica email. When you have time (and if you would.. but you dont have too) I’d love if you would turn it into hobbit LJ Icon for me. Pretty pleeease? *puppy dog eyes* lol
      *~* Jen *~*

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