Iron Clad Treaty

Today was a long day. For those of you who didn’t know, I now work at Quizno’s Subs. *sigh* I had a job interview at 9am at Pet Food & More (go figure they don’t actually have any pets there) and went to Quizno’s at 10. I worked until 3. The Chicken Carbonara Sub is so good.

As for the rest of the time, I miss working at A&W. Who knew it would be possible. But true! I miss the routine of knowing what I’m doing. That doesn’t often happen. It’s because Quizno’s is a new place for me. I’m making progress. I work for a really nice old couple, Roya and Gord. They’re immigrated Iranians, very nice. She hired me on the spot. I work with Rachel, a girl from Tundra Bay, who is just there until the end of the month, and Reza, middle aged, also Iranian. He wanted to be a miner but they have no work locally. They wanted him to work in the middle east. Also, I work with Lloyd. He’s a slacker that never shows up for work.

So I’ve been just crazy busy. I started looking for work less than a week ago and I’m already finished my third shift. Steve and I are going to a barbeque at Eileen’s tomorrow.

There’s a kickass Goth Couture shop called Venus and Mars and they have a coffin shaped purse that I really want. *drool*

We were passing Lion’s Gate Pictures this morning and I noticed that the building next door had a mural of condo doorsteps on it. Probably a mock set.

STEVE MADE ME THIS ICON! Brandon: Wage Slave Me.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 08/12/2004.

11 Responses to “Iron Clad Treaty”

  1. YAY! That’s cool that you’ve found a job so quickly :P…..routines are nice to have in certain situations.

    :O I might have a job….I dropped off my resume to Northern Drugs (in Rupert) months ago and they called me today. However they are calling around tomorrow to set up interviews for saturday and I’m supposed to be on my way to Terrace right now, but I’m stuck sitting around on my ass so there is a chance that I can have a job.

    • Jobs

      Northern Drugs is cool. You’ll be safe as long as you get cashier. If it’s knowledge specific you may have troubles. Cometics is very technical. They expect you to have schooling. GOOD LUCK!


  2. I know that store, it has pretty things, expensive but pretty. Yay for finding a job so quickly ^_^

  3. Great icon… Though I think Steve might like a few of mine. He’s welcome to them if he wishes…

  4. wage slaved *ALEXISONFIRE-KICKSASS*

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