The Move

So we’re here. Big surprise there with the eons of warning we gave everyone. It was a huge transition, and quite an expensive one. Since Sunday Steve and I have spent more than a $1000 between us.

About a half hour out of Terrace the boxspring we had moored to the top of the van decided to become Mary Poppins and kept flying off the roof and down the highway behind us. We eventually had to slow down to keep in on the roof and ended up driving down the highway for 1 hour and 20-ish minutes doing around 60km/h. Anyway, when we reached Cedarvale Lodge we stopped and got some rope from a nice man working for Neid Enterprises. THANK YOU SO MUCH! That rope lasted us all the way to Vancouver. The bungee cords we had used before had bent and snapped off. It was insane. We broke it just a little bit, it is in great condition for what we did to it.

Anyway, we stopped in Quesnel for the night and continued on early the next day.

Our apartment is small. It’s not a shoebox but it’s small. Our bedroom is only 4 feet high so we have to climb into it and crawl around. There is a 2 inch crack around the cinderblock they put in and there are spiders down there but the carpet keeps them there. Steve killed a gargantuan wolf spider for me. It was the size of a small tarantula. The spiders here are way bigger, and some are poinsonous. We live 2km away from Lions Gate Film Studios and 3km away from North Shore Pictures. It’s cool. Everytime we go shopping we get to say hi to the guard there. 😉

Steve’s family was very nice and extremely helpful. I hope to get to know them better.

We’re leaving Nanaimo shortly. We came to see my Mom, who just left for work. So while we are here (our internet isn’t running yet and our phone won’t be connected until later) I decided to update the journal and let you all know we’re okay. WE MADE IT!

Wish me luck on the big job hunt.


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 08/05/2004.

6 Responses to “The Move”

  1. Heehee… Good old moving adventures. I’ve had a few of those (though the intercity ones were always with someone else’s stuff).

    The only thing that I can really suggest, is that you watch your spendature until you have a job that’ll make up for it. You’re already down over a grand, so watch it.

    *hugs* And, of course, good luck with the job huntingness.

  2. did you know your room would have a 4ft ceiling when you got it?

    I’ve heard some pretty weird stories about people renting apartments unseen, when my mom graduated she moved to new west, she lived above a hooker, the neighbors shot each other, you could get high of the marijuana fumes in the hallway and once people from above jumped down onto her balcony and ran through her living room and out the door…

    The spider thing would creep the hell out of me *is rather phobic of the bigger ones* The mere concept of wolfspiders terrifies me…

    • There’s a tarantula in the library down town here… but it doesn’t move much…

      • those things are creepy…

        The pathetic part of me being frightened is that I adore snakes, I’ll walk around witha 4ft python hanging from my shouldres like a feather boa and think nothing of it… heh.. and well snakes are more of an actual threat..

  3. YAY! Glad to hear that you and Steve have made it!

    Good luck with your job hunting adventures.

  4. Jackie said they met you in smithers or something.. I cant remember exactly lol. Gimme a call when you get around to it.. If I’m not at home I’ll be at Jackies.
    *~* Jen *~*

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