Hello ladies and gents. Down to the wire now, as you know. I’m wrapping up several ongoing projects, some will be continued later when all the moving is done with, so we’re looking at maybe a month or two at the most of a hiatus. Not sure when we will be online once we’re gone, so my journal may be inactive for awhile.

I finished a beautiful painting for Jenny. She really wanted it. It’s from a picture I drew in art last year, I had it on display.

The source of my inspiration…

I’m still painting the designs on her hope chest. On the top I drew the evanstar. On the front I drew a beautiful celtic design from Underworld… the tooling design on Selene’s coat. And on the sides I painted the elvish cloak pins on the handles. Still need to finish the handles. Jenny will be revarnishing it when it is finished.

Coffee! My addiction is back with a vengeance. Save-On-Foods started selling backs of Starbucks coffee and I am now hooked. I feel like I’ve been drinking brown water for the last year. *mope* The Varona Smooth flavor is absolutely to die for. I plan to buy a bag of whole bean Espresso Bold too. 😀 Gotta love coffee grinders.

Hands down the number one cafe on the face of this earth, my friends. It is so popular that you have to make reservations WAY in advance. You can’t walk in and grab a table at any time, however you can take your coffee and biscotti to go. My recommendation: Their Frrrozen Hot Chocolate… the drink that put them on the map. They’re also marketing their own line of cosmetics, such as the Serendipity perfume, a unisex scent that smells like chocolate.

In other news, haven’t been sleeping. Too damn hot. Tonight Jenny and I are renting movies while I finish those handles and proceed to pack up boxes. The two days following will be solely dedicated to my compilation of MP3 archives. I’m into the J’s. We only need enough music to get us to Vancouver but I’m hoping to at least make it past the N’s before we leave. That’s only 3 discs. I CAN DO IT!

We got our address and phone number, but we’re not connected until the fifth, so we’ll be in Nanaimo until then. I’m currently trying to change all of my addresses and junk, which isn’t easy. I’m having to forward all of my mail so I know who to change addresses with. I have to change my address with the tax man, and with BC medical. I need to call the medical center and have them re-do all of that for me.

I’m buying our satin duvet cover today, and I plan to take a swing by Trigo’s in the near future. I need new clothes. Maybe I’ll just wait and tour around Robson’s underground and Granville. Fun fun. BUS TRIP! It’ll be a day thing for Kat and I, for sure, with Steve and Doug. Although… I don’t want to induce labor prematurely. Something tells me that baby is either gonna come early (September) or barely in the right month (LATE October). I’ll probably be wrong, but whatever. I can’t wait to be an aunty.

Big news:
We got our $10,000 LOAN!!!!

Now all I have to do is earn $2000 in the next year. (I’m sure I can do that. ^_^”. Maybe I’ll strip. Haha. Not.)




~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/27/2004.

4 Responses to “Coffee”

  1. starbucks is evil.
    i hate it.
    now i must continue my random doggie-suicide-bombers.

  2. I’d pay to see you strip ;P

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