I Can’t Believe I Saved Her

At 1am, I sat in this very seat. It was dark, and the window was open. I was uploading some MP3’s, and I’d been hearing loud noise and yelling, like a party, for about half an hour. I started to make out things they were saying so I listened. I heard a man and woman yelling. I heard a screen door squeal and then a man yell “GET BACK HERE!” It was so loud it felt like it was coming from next door. I few minutes later I heard a woman. She was screaming and scared. She yelled back at him “NO! GET AWAY FROM ME!” It sounded like she was fighting him off, or trying to run away. There were dogs barking too, so I knew something was going on.

I panicked and called the police. They told me to keep calling them to make sure they were still both making noise (to establish that they hadn’t left the area, the altercation was still occurring, and both were still alive). I went outside and walked to the road to make sure I could establish where the noises were coming from (The far end of the Trailer court next door) and I called them back to give them the location. Minutes later the yelling stopped, and the dogs were silent. I called the police again to tell them that everything was quiet (they had responded).

This morning about 25 to 8am, a police officer arrived at my door. She told me that a man was arrested for undisclosed reasons, due to my phone call. She was grateful that I reported it and took my statement. The man went to court an hour later.

From that I gather that he attacked the woman I heard, and was caught before anything bad happened. But they made it very clear that what had happened was very serious, and that my phone call ultimately protected this woman. I can’t believe that nobody else called them. The screaming was so loud and so frantic. I was so scared that he was going to hurt her.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/13/2004.

6 Responses to “I Can’t Believe I Saved Her”

  1. If i was there.. i think that it would have been the guy who’s life was at risk..

    otherwise.. GG!

    • Men At Risk

      Well, from what I could tell, the man was attacking this woman and she was trying to get him off of her.

      Man: “GET BACK HERE!”
      Woman: “GET AWAY FROM ME!”

      It’s just a mild deduction, but still. LoL.

  2. *smiles* Go Kassi!

    There are too many people who just ignore such noises and think that oh it’s just nothing… It’s really quite tragic…

    • Shocked

      I seriously couldn’t believe that nobody else had heard it (or if they had, failed to pay real attention to it). I’m new to this part of town, so perhaps I’m just not numbed by it yet, but I’m from Vancouver. That’s a place about a trillion times worse for that than here, and I never get numb.

      1 in 4 women is raped and I don’t intend to make it easy for the attackers that inflict that on people.

  3. Glad to hear that you saved this women’s life, in what sounds like some sort of domestic abuse case. Btw, whereabouts in town are you living now?

    • Saved Her

      Well, I dunno if I really saved her life. I likely saved her from the situation but I don’t really know how bad it was. I’m just glad they got there.

      I’m living next door to North Kalum Trailer Court… Sunny Hill, way back by the bench across from the Little Theatre.

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