Having Sex WAY Too Young

I’ve been thinking about this issue for a long time, mostly because I am TOTALLY disgusted with teenagers that follow behind my generation. I graduated a year ago, and have not exited my teens yet. When I see and hear about teenagers from the age of 12 and up having sex I think of two words: Dirty Skank. I thought that about teens who were having sex when I was that age, and still do. Teenagers shouldn’t be having sex until at least 16 years of age, and even then, that should be the earliest. Kids aren’t prepared for the emotional impact or the responsibilities that accompany sexual activity. Teens these days have no grasp of monogamy. I can hand that to the few people I know who are having sex, they only do it with one person. One partner.

At work, there is a girl who just turned 16. She had her first abortion at 14 years of age, and is currently in a sexual relationship with an 18 year old, while pursuing one with a guy 22 years of age. I can’t stand being in the same room as her.

Complete sexual freedom. This dream is killing our youth. I’m hearing teenagers preaching about self discovery and learning about relationships. Learning about them and having them are two separate things. There is an age that is just TOO YOUNG. At the rate they’re going, half of all North Americans will have contracted an STD by 25 years of age. Sexual liberation has been achieved. 49% of women aged 18-19 have had sex with at least two people. 81% of women 20-24 have had sex before the age of 20.

Medical research has shown that the number of teenagers between the ages of 15-19 giving birth are reaching into the thousands each year.

A study this last year concluded that teens who have sex by the ages of 14-17 have a higher suicide rate… 14% of girls who qualify in that age bracket have attempted suicide. Only 5% of inactive girls have.

Reuters reports that at a startling rate, an increasing number of sexually active teens are too ignorant about protection, or too embarrassed to ask for it. In one year, 9 million cases of STD’s occured in people ages 15-24. That is nearly 50% of all STD cases that occur.

  • 88% of those 9 million cases were chlamydia.

    Many to most teenagers have been found incapable of oreventing STD’s or seeking testing or treatment. Teenagers 15 years or older who have had sex have the highest STD rates of any age group in the country, and North America holds the highest STD rate of any industrialised country in the world.

  • 70% of all people have sex by the age of 18.

    Specifically, boys are feeling the peer pressure to have sex even more than girls are. 4 in 10 sexually active teens have found it absolutely necessary to use pregnancy tests regularly and more than half of 15-17 year olds have had sex. 2 in 3 of those teens have had full sexual intercourse of all kinds by the time they’ve graduated.

    Sex has become a trend among teenagers. They use it as a social barometer. 13 year old girls in multiples are going down on boys of older ages on school busses. They have implemented a system of displaying which sexual acts they are willing to do through colored bracelets. (These of course for promiscuous teenagers).

  • 40% of 9th graders have had intercourse
  • 48% of 10th graders have had intercourse
  • 57% of 11th graders have had intercourse
  • 72% of 12th graders have had intercourse
  • 78% of teen sex is unplanned
  • Only 25% of the girls found it pleasurable at all
  • For 40% it was painful
  • For 22% it was frightening
  • For 40-50% it caused guilt
  • 60% felt they were in love
  • Less than 10% had an orgasm

    For males, most of them enjoyed the experience, found it fulfilling and had no guilt about the act whatsoever. 57% of pregnancies are unplanned and unwanted. A third of those pregnancies occur pre-marriage. 80% of teen mothers are not married, did not want their preganacy and are on welfare. European teenagers are shown to have as much sex as we do, but our pregnancy rate is 2 to 6 times higher than theirs.

    The 4-6 million sexually active North American teenage girls have over one million pregnancies and 400,000 abortions each year. About 40% of all American teenage females get pregnant in their teens. That’s at least double the percentage in any other educated, developed country. 1 in 5 teenage mothers get pregnant again within two years. Two-thirds of teen mothers are impregnated by 20-year-old men or older; many are “predators,” fathering several children with several women.

    Every year 15%-20% of sexually active teens get pregnant (85% unintended). When they get pregnant, about 14% miscarry (1/3 do not get adequate care), 30% to 35% have an abortion, and 55% have a baby. Most drop out of school; 90% will be abandoned by the teenaged father of the child. If these teenagers get married (only 10% marry the real father), it often doesn’t last. As mentioned before, one out of every 25 high school students has a STD. 70% of sexually active teens think they are not at risk.

    A recent survey found that 66% of HIV-infected women under age 22 have unprotected sex! 46% of infected women over 22 have gone unprotected. Among HIV-infected males under 22, 28% did not protect their partners. 16% of infected males over 22 went unprotected.

    Did you know that if you are “sexually active” you should be tested every 6 months? It has been proven that more than a million North Americans are unaware that they have HIV. Actually 32% to 40% of teenagers do NOT even tell their current partner when they find out they have a STD. 20% of young people believe that oral sex is not sex; therefore, they could tell you “I’ve never had sex” but still pass on STDs to you. From the standpoint of “sexual disease,” oral sex really IS sex!

    25%-35% of 15-24 year olds say substance use influenced their sexual behavior, mainly doing more than they planned to do. These people are twice as likely than non users to have sex with more than one partner.

    Teenagers today view sex as an act without strings, consequences or emotional impact. There is an emerging sense that sex without context can be just as harmful as violence without context. Such depictions may give young viewers very unrealistic views on sex and a skewed perspective of how it fits into the fabric of life.

  • In grades 7-12, 23.4% of first sexual relationships are one-night stands
  • 82% of teens did not use birth control pills during last sexual intercourse
  • One in 12 children are no longer virgins by his/her 13th birthday
  • 21 percent of ninth-graders have slept with four or more partners
  • 55% of teens ages 13-19 admitted to engaging in oral sex
  • 28% of teens say they have become more opposed to early sex
  • Every day, 8,000 teenagers become infected by a STD
  • 78% of new cases of genital herpes were caused by a virus found chiefly in the mouths of 16-21 year olds
  • Two-thirds of U.S. teenagers who have had sexual relations wish they had waited longer

    It is reported that a regular visit to a gynecologist is absolutely necessary once you have become sexually active. 90% of sexually active teens have not gone to see a gynecologist.

    I started having sex when I was 17. My first sexual encounter was with protection and birth control.


    ~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/07/2004.

  • 4 Responses to “Having Sex WAY Too Young”

    1. yu dont know me… but I was reading yur latest journal entry, and while I agree with some of yur statements, I dont believe that teens should have sex at 12 or 13 sometimes not even untill they are 16 or 17… and yes, alot of pregnancies are unplanned, alot unwanted, mine was unplanned… but I wouldn’t trade my daughter for the world… I just turned 16 today and I DO have a 3 1/2 month old daughter.. but I would NEVER get an abortion unless i was raped and I would NEVER give up a child.. if I could adopt all the homeless children in the world i would…

      and I do pity young teens who have sex for the first time and get infected with an STD.. but that’s their fault for not taking the time to find out whether the person that they were with had them or not, and also the person who gave it to them is to blame… they shouldn’t just let someone else get it, no matter what it is…

      and I do admit I coulda waited a few years to ave Rayne… But she is a blessing, and honestly, fuck statistics… statistics are just numbers… so what if alot of pregnancies are unwanted, why doesn’t someone ask them if they would ever give their baby up for n e thing… the answer would be no… and everyone that abandons their kids, dont deserve to be parents… and should be shot in the fucking head…

      • Re: …

        I never claimed to know you. I never said that accidents don’t happen. I am completely understanding of that. My own mother had her first child when she was 15.

        I could never have an abortion, or give my child up for adoption, and I completely encourage all mothers of any age to do the same.

        No offense but yeah, statistics are just numbers. Numbers are facts. You’re a rare commodity in the world. So few people your age would be responsible enough to accept their child and properly care for their child. The town I live in has the greatest number of teen pregnancies and abortions per capita in all of Canada. Trust me, I know.

        So if I offended you, it was unintended. I’m talking about the teenagers who are just too plain stupid to go out and get birth control and be smart enough to not screw around with the consequences of sex. I’m talking about the teenagers that have two or three abortions because they are just too plain stupid to understand the importance of what they have just done. I’m talking about the teenagers who are too stupid to realize that they aren’t even close to ready to have sex and are disgusted and ashamed with themselves after doing so, but keep doing it because they can’t find another reason to say no.

        My sister was pregnant at 17. I come from a family full of teen pregnancies and bastard children and sexual abuse. Sex is an extremely important thing. You can only give your virginity up once, and only to one person. If you can’t understand how important that is, no matter what happens, I feel sad for you.

        Nobody can get closer to you than that. If you don’t place importance on that than I can’t see how anyone else should.

        • Re: …

          I never took any offence to n e thing that yu said in yur journal thing…. i was just stating for the people out there that dont fit into the statistics… when I lost my virginity I had been witht he guy for like 6 years… he still wants me… but I told him no (more than one personal reasons) and birth control is great lol… I only have to get my shot every three months and I don’t have to worry about my lil monthly “friend” showing up n e more!! lmmfao.. buh byez

        • Re: …

          I get the shot too. LOL.

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