Yesterday was pretty much boring. It’s gotten hot outside again. I was kind-of enjoying not feeling like a wet dog every morning when I woke up. I’m sleeping on the living room floor, hey? So in the morning all the windows have turned my room into a green house and I’m dying of heat stroke. How unfortunate.

Anyway, I left the house at 2:30 to go to work, stopped by my bank and took some money out. Chalk it up to $4,100!! Yeah! No, I didn’t take out $4,100, that’s how much I saved. I expected the walk to take me a long time, but it was only a half hour. Woohoo. So I was an hour early.

Anyway, for some reason everyone today was like, super-glad to see me. It kinda creeped me out. After feeling like nobody gave a shit whether or not I was there, it was a nice change. We had a good time and I closed well. Everyone was pretty tired though. Tina gave me a ride home.

On my break I talked to Alice about World Politics. We got into the recent US rouse with Mr. Hussein, and into Bosnia and Castro. We even went on to talk quite a bit about crossovers in Canadian and US politics, and even the British. It was amusing. She told me I was very mature for my age, and very sweet. Sometimes I wish I could open up to people like that and show them why I have to be this way. Everytime someone looks at me and sees that, I’m wishing they knew why. Oh well, that’s my mark I guess. That’s how I’m differentiated.

Steve decided on our apartment. We have a basement suite in North Vancouver. It’s not very big, the main part (bathroom, living room, kitchen and foyer) is about 300 square feet, and the bedroom is 200 square feet. It’s big enough. Steve said he imagined a closed box when he read the ad, but for us it’ll do. It’s 3km away from the college one way, and 3km away from the industrial area, which is good, because if I can walk to work it’ll be great. 3km is nothing. We might get a kitty. Steve always made me shut up about kitties because I’ve always had one and he wasn’t sure we’d be able to get one or afford one. And now with the rent so cheap ($650/month includes utilities) and not having to pay for this month to hold the place he’s brought it up. Adam’s giving away his kitties. I want to bring Yoda home with me and cuddle it. Yoda is the cat with huge ears. I AM SO HAPPY!

So my car isn’t working. Fuck it. I got what I needed out of it. And to tell you the truth, it’s about time I learned to survive without it. I live in town. If I didn’t then I might have a problem. We’ll take care of that when the time arises to address it. For the time being, we’re good.

Anyway, I have to get changed, because we’re going shopping and Jenny and I are getting pierced together. (Ahh, masochistic bonding rituals. Gotta love it!)



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/03/2004.

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