The Shittiest Day Ever

I’m depressed, I’m stretched so thin, I’m entirely lost. This day has seen me cry like a bitch.

I had to vote today, which I was happy to do, aside from the gas it took. I had to drive out to Mount Layton to do it. I voted NDP. Anyway, I went to the house. It feels violated and empty. As much as I hated having to live there, I miss it. Home is gone. I drove up and my poor cat was outside soaking wet. She was meowing at me like a stranger, and I unlocked the door and picked her up and brought her in the house. I fed her and put the rest of my things in a bag.

I cried so much. I miss my cat. I miss my home. I miss feeling like I belong. I miss my world. My world is gone. I wish my cat was with me, snuggling against my chest, purring, keeping me company. I wanted to steal her away. She kept rubbing her body against my legs as I was trying to say goodbye. I cried all the way back into town.

This morning as I was getting into the shower, I stepped in broken glass and cut open both of my feet before having to work an 8 and a half hour shift. My brakes failed and now it isn’t road worthy and I have to sell it for half of it’s price. Dad said to park it for now and he’ll see about having them fixed for me. Yay!

Jenny just called. She’s having second thoughts about going to Edmonton. I’d be happy if she came home, but sad if she missed out on a good thing. I miss the company.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 06/29/2004.

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