The Countdown has ended…


Yes ladies and gents, I am 19 years old today. I kick ass. Unfortunately the duration of my birthday will be spent in the hospital and at work.

I need to have another urinalysis. I believe the cystitis is back, so I am having what is known as chronic systitis. The hydronephrosis I had is gone, so I know this is new and not the same infection coming back. Recurrent cystitis is rare but not untreatable. I may have to take a much stronger antibiotic for two weeks this time.

I think I might be just getting the wrong fluids. I try to drink lots of water but it doesn’t always work out that way. The symptoms started the day before yesterday, so this may be acute (or so I hope).

Anyway… *grr!* I so hope I’m wrong and I’m just having bad cramps. I haven’t had ANY of the symptoms of cystitis THIS TIME OR LAST TIME (aside from lower abdomen pain). I just pressed on my kidneys and they’re feeling tender again, so I’m going to the ER tomorrow morning. I can’t fucking trust the doctors anymore. Prolonged cystitis can be severely damaging to ones health. If I end up with Sepsis I’m going to throw a shitfit the size of Mardi Gras. 😦

Happy fucking birthday.

Actually it hasn’t been bad. Aside from this, I got a Coca-Cola diner radio from Mona and Dan, and the new Avril Lavigne CD from my Dad. I got a sixpence medallion from my grandparents too. But hey… I still have 24 hours to be gifted.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/28/2004.

7 Responses to “The Countdown has ended…”

  1. Hey Hippo Birdy

    Hippo Birdy two ewes. The big ol’ 19. Now you are legal everything. Too bad it had to coincide with a little illness. It’s odd how life works. Well I hope you have a wonderful day and everyone treats you well.

    • Re: Hey Hippo Birdy

      Eh. I’m an adult now. I can’t always be mulling over how May 28th belongs to me alone so it must be great. Life happens no matter what day it is. And thank you! I have a lineup of people ready to get me tanked so I’m excited. I forsee many drunken (within reason of course, the alcoholism will die with me I assure you) taxi rides home.


  2. Happy Birthday! Enjoy it as much as you can under the circumstances. You must be pretty tough going through all this medical stuff-just thinking about tender kidneys makes me feel woozy…hope all is well and make the most of it!

    • 😛

      Following my 19th, elections Canada called me to ask me how much I hate Paul Martin. I was pleased and bashed him immensely.
      Illnesses make me nervous but at least I have it mostly taken care of. AND THANK YOU!
      I’m having a party next month sometime so everyone must come and bring me pretty things. LOL. (I was mostly joking). It’ll be BYOB so if you wanna drink you gotta bring it, and give up the keys to your car (or whoever’s car).

      • Re: 😛

        🙂 Hehe, glad to hear you sounding good! Hope everything continues on an upswing as you prepare to launch yourself out of Terrace and into a new, innovative phase of your life!

  3. Happy Birthday!

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