Looking Not So Grim

Things are improving. Okay so they’re just small things but that’s not me lessening them. They’re still small blessings and I choose to be thankful.

Debbie has okayed me moving in with her for the last two weeks of my life in Terrace. I am going to miss my Dad SO much when I do (and my kitty). And also, stupid Bill took her car away so she wants to buy mine. I love to quickly remedy a problem with a solution. It works well for both of us, cuz technically she doesn’t need a souped up Stratus for town driving. It would be nice though.

Steve and I are really working this moving thing out. I feel more positive about it, however he is adamant that we can make the drive to Vancouver all in one shot. It’s hard. It is REALLY hard (unless you have a Columbian Coffee Bean field behind you percolating into a big pot). Now he isn’t sure if we have an apartment (which I HATE and I wish he’d discussed this with me before. I was led to believe we already had one reserved). He is thinking about going to Vancouver for a week to pick an apartment. I already explained to him that we should live minimalistically for as long as we can in order to gain some form of financial leverage.

Anyway, I have to go to Debbie’s and drop off some boxes n junk. Talk to you again soon. *kiss*



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/22/2004.

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