Leaving Town

The last few days have been interesting. I’ve started sectioning my life off into brown duct-taped boxes, all neurotically labelled with what’s in them and who they belong to and which side is “up”.

Tonight I pack for Vancouver and begin to remove the pictures from my walls. I feel finally at peace with what’s happening, finally at peace with my fear, finally at peace with the inner-child that constantly whispers her insecurities to me. Yes I am at peace with her.

I’ve taken my last Effexor. That was yesterday. The anxiety, I hope, will not return. I’ve come this far just struggling to stay afloat. I’m looking forward to this week off. I’m hoping for a positive turn in my life that will remind me that I’m not running away, I’m running towards something great. Steve and I are going to make it. We love each other too much to let this all fall apart.

I’m less concerned with day-to-day trifles and more concerned with the big picture now. This… this is nothing. This will pass. This won’t be with me tomorrow when I wake up. THIS will not kill me now, or ever.

This is mostly just to let everyone know that I will be away for a week beginning now, so I will not be updating until I get back (with the exception of a stop by Future Shop cuz their display computers have the internet). When I return I will give you a day to day synopsis, tell you how it went, like you even care.

I’M SELLING MY CAR!!!!!! If anyone wants it, it is a 1988 Nissan Sentra and has a brand new alternator, muffler and two sets (winter and summer) of tires. $2000. If you’re interested let me know, I have a month to get rid of it.

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Anyhow, goodnight, wish me luck, HAVE A GREAT WEEK!



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/11/2004.

4 Responses to “Leaving Town”

  1. effexor = baaaddd news. It’s hard to come off of I’ve heard, and SSRI’s are very bad for your system, it screws around with the seratonin levels in your brain… effexor is one of the best to be on/have been on though.. I wish you great luck and hope that when you’re down in Vancouver you’ll want to let me come see you ^_^

  2. Hey Kassi, its been a while from the last time we talked , i didnt know how else i could contact you… i wanted to know if you have heard anything from Phil….i have been trying to email him but i get the emails back…. do you know if he is ok? Please ifyou know anything, let me know…i am worried

    • Phil

      No offense, but Phil has completely outgrown the internet. He has a new girlfriend, one he isn’t precisely sure about yet, but he cares for her deeply. He has moved twice, and currently doesn’t have any access to the internet… PERIOD. Most of the reason you haven’t been able to contact him is he’s disconnected.


      • Re: Phil

        *Laughs sadly* Oh well….kinda sad how your best friend changes you for a pussy he is able to touch *sighs* oh well, thanks for all Kassi, if you ever see him, tell him i am still alive and i would like to hear something about him*

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