So they’ve started… and they’re scary. Certainly nothing I can’t handle so far but not something anyone really wants in their head.

In my dream I went totally psycho. People died (rather I killed them in my dream) and I was covering it up… and when I woke up I was so relieved. I’ve had worse dreams but that was disturbing.

[name]: Kassi Thomsen
[birthday]: May 28, 1985
[location]: Terrace
[where else have you lived?]: Vancouver, Surrey, White Rock, New Westminister…
[zodiac sign]: Gemini
[height]: 6’2
[pets]: 1 cat (VELCRO!)
[eye color]: Brown
[hair color]: Brown
[hair length]: Really long
[ever dyed your hair?]: Yes
[what color?]: Blonde, Black and Red
[grade]: Graduate
[are you good in school?]: I was
[nicknames]: Kass, Kassi, *blush* Sondy
[do you play sports?]: I used to. I bowled.
[where were you born?]: Surrey
[are you a night or a morning person?]: night
[are you ticklish?]: Extremely
[do you believe in God?]: No
[what’s your screen name?]: Chupachica
[any others?]: Sweet_B_Star
[do you have braces?]: No
[do you have glasses/contacts?]: Glasses. Contacts come later.
[what do you want to be when you grow up?]: A singer.
[what was the worst day of your life?]: Too many painful memories, too little time.
[what comes first in your life?]: People I love.
[do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush?]: Yes
[what are you most scared of?]: Being alone
[if you had an extra set of eyes where would you put them?] In a box. I could plant them places or juggle them.
[what do you usually think about before you go to bed?]: “Tired tired. I can sleep now!”

[what’s your fave]:
[movie]: This year I loved Underworld
[song]: Breathe On Me by Britney Spears
[band/group]: If I had to pick; Bif Naked
[store]: Sugar Magnolia
[relative]: My Mom/Dad (MY REAL PARENTS!!!)
[sport]: Cheerleading
[vacation spot]: Waimea Falls, Hawaii
[ice cream flavor]: Lime Daiquiri from Baskin Robbins. (YUM!)
[fruit]: Strawberries, oranges
[candy]: Sour soothers
[car]: Astin Martin convertible
[holiday]: It’s not really a holiday per se… Halloween
[day of the week]: Any day I’m not working.
[color]: Purple
[magazine]: Cosmopolitan
[name for a girl]: Novalee
[name for a boy]: Jareth
[room in your house]: My room
[last concert you have been to]: Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time Tour
[pizza topping]: Pepperoni
[state]: California or New York
[smell]: Yves Rocher’s Ming Shu or Calgon Gravity.
[feeling]: Loved
[number]: 7
[book]: Stephen King’s Bag Of Bones
[cereal]: Corn Pops

[in the past 24 hours have you:]
[kissed someone?]: No
[who?]: Nobody
[had a serious talk?]: Yes, I trained Jessie for close.
[hugged someone?]: Yes
[fought with a friend?]: No
[cried?]: No
[laughed?]: Yes
[made someone laugh?]: Yes, I was being a dork at work.
[bought something?]: Dinner
[flirted with someone?]: No
[felt stupid?]: Yes, I was very uncoordinated yesterday.
[talked to someone you love?]: Yes
[missed someone?]: Yes

[have you ever]:
[done drugs?]: No
[eaten an entire box of Oreos?]: No
[had someone be unfaithful to you?]: They better not have.
[stayed home on saturday night, just because?]: Yes
[been in love?]: Yes
[seen the white house?]: On TV
[seen the eiffel tower?]: On TV
[tried smoking?]: Not now, not ever.
[drank alcohol?]: Yes
[smoked marijuana?]: No
[played monopoly?]: Profusely
[kissed someone?]: *chuckles* Yes
[lost your virginity?]: Yes
[tried a weight loss program?]: Yes
[jumped on a trampoline?]: Yes
[colored in a coloring book(and had fun)?]: Yes
[had a bubble bath?]: Yes
[been on a plane?]: Yes
[been on a boat?]: Yes
[been on a train?]: Yes
[been in a car accident?]: Yes
[ridden an elephant?]: No.
[made a web page?]: Yes, lots
[played with barbies?]: Yes
[stayed up all night?]: Yes
[shoved stuff under your bed to make your room look clean?]: Yes
[broken a bone?]: No
[called a physchic or sex hotline?]: No
[watched Jerry Springer?]: Yes
[gotten in trouble for talking in class?]: Yes, lots
[been afraid of the dark?]: Yes
[been in the hospital(not visiting)?]: Yes
[had stitches?]: Yes
[went out with more than one person at a time?]: No
[lied?]: Yes
[been arrested?]: No
[fallen asleep in class?]: Yes
[used food for something other than to eat?]: Gross, no
[met a celebrity?]: Britney Spears, The Dalai Lama
[broken the law?]: Yes
[skipped class?]: Yes
[hated yourself?]: Yes
[been brokenhearted?]: Yes
[broken someone’s heart?]: Yes
[wanted to kill someone?]: Daily
[fallen off a chair?]: Yes
[been in a fist fight?]: Yes

[do you]:
[like to give hugs?]: If I feel comfortable enough with the person I’m hugging.
[like to walk in the rain?]: Yes
[prefer black or blue pens?]: Either or
[dress up on Halloween?]: YES!
[think you’re attractive?]: Sometimes
[want to marry? (and who?)]: Steven
[have a goldfish?]: No
[ever have the falling dream?]: Yes
[have stuffed animals?]: Yes

[what do you think about]:
[abortion]: Pro Choice. I could write a whole thing, but no.
[south park]: Funny
[peircing]: Is nifty
[make-up]: Essential
[drinking]: Okay in moderation. Drunkennes is so uncool.

[which way would you spell it]:
[Megan or Meghan]: Meghan
[Lacey or Lacy]: Lacey
[Steven or Stephen]: I like both, but Steven
[Kurt or Curt]: Kurt
[Mark or Marc]: Mark
[Brandi or Brandy]: Brandy
[Eric or Erik]: Erik
[Kari or Carrie]: Carrie
[Jackie or Jaqui]: Jaqui
[Jayde or Jade]: Jade
[Amy or Aimee]: Aimee
[Ashley or Ashleigh]: Ashleigh
[Geoffrey or Jeffrey]: Geoffrey

[love life]:
[do you have a crush]: No I have a boyfriend.
[whats his or her age]: 20
[how long have you liked him or her]: 2 years
[if you could kiss anyone in the world, who would it be?]: Steven
[if you could date anyone in the world, who would it be?]: Steven
[what is the biggest turn off]: Poor hygiene
[what is the biggest turn on]: A wicked personality
[do you think there is a person for everyone]: Yes
[if yes, do you know who yours is]: Steven
[do you believe in love at first sight]: Yes and No
[have you ever been in love]: Yes
[do you think it lasts forever]: Real love does
[do you want to get married?]: Yes
[how many times?]: Once

[last song you sang]: Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know by Britney Spears
[last meal you ate]: A chicken tossed salad
[last person you flipped off]: Someone in Drive-Thru

[what color socks are you wearing?]: Not wearing socks
[what’s under your bed?]: Carpet
[what time did you wake up today?]: 8:30
[did you think it was earlier, later, or on time?]: Later

[who do you want to marry?]: Steven
[are you going to college?]: Eventually

Anyhow… yes… just thought I’d post that because… well I don’t really know. I just woke up and am therefore not ready for much coherent thought.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 04/28/2004.

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