So the last few days have been trying. One of the major side effects I’m experiencing is severe drowsiness. I now carry my medication with me at all times for fear that I will be too tired to drive home.

In other news, the hole in my muffler is the size of a New York fattie hot dog, so now I have to get my muffler replaced tomorrow. It won’t last another week. Two days ago the hole was the size of a pop bottle cap. [Insert unimpressed stoicism here].

So I’m going to Jenny’s tonight. I think what we’ll do is walk to DQ to see Steve before they close, hang out for a little bit. I’m going to get a new haircut on Thursday. I’m getting 6 inches lopped off and my hair cut into long layers tapering up to the shortness of my bangs around my face. I may have it thinned a little. But other than that no new news.

I’m hoping my nightmares are super-psychotic and I can write them down. I’m a compulsive nitwit.

The user who has been leaving me warnings about my medication created her LJ account just to are I feel flattered. Last night when I gassed up at Mohawk a guy reading the magazines said he’d pray for me that my anxiety would go away. I was like “You’ll pray for me?” As if his prayers weren’t worth the breath they’d take. I wonder if he really did. That would be nice. Although God dispises me. It’s been proven. I’m not enough of a person to be a martyr or a prophet and those are the only two things that I can see “GOD”‘s actions counting for.

Anyhow… luvyall, gnite and buhbye.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 04/25/2004.

3 Responses to “Drowsiness”

  1. Just for you?

    Hi there again,

    Did I create it just for you? Not necessarily although I do find your assertions about the world to be stimulating and I have wanted to reply. Call me silly, neurotic, whatever. I do worry about meds because I have experience – not from the “crazy” side if that is how it is to be assumed or perceived, but just from life. I don’t get to speak often to a lot of people who care only because my life is such that my work keeps me pretty busy and those that I do deal with only want to talk about superficial stuff.

    I didn’t feel like filling out much in regards to the live journal requests only because – actually I don’t know why. Perhaps for once I just want to be a voice (written or whatever) without – well just without – just to be me.

    Not to worry. Nothing mysterious really.

    In anycase, I do care and I have some experience on my side and if I can at least expose ( I am not even going to assume my information is to influence) others to that which I have experienced – then so be it. You can ignore me and if you would like me to stop responding, please say so as directly as possible and I will respect your request.

    You talk of fatigue – I know that for myself and for my friend – we would experience this sort of strange fatigue where you are yawning and spacey but not really tired – in fact ( I hate to say THIS – but ….) if you have ever tried mushrooms (the magic kind) it is a similar feeling – WHICH – given this experience makes me wonder what the Pharmaceutical companies are putting in the pill.

    The spaciness goes on for a bit – as well as the odd feeling of yawning and fatigue (but not fatigue – I bet you know what I am talking about) – and then you will slip into a state that is kind of monotone – as I like to call it – neither high nor low – which may serve you for awhile. Realize though – that if you and your boyfriend are having issues around emotional response that you might have a hard time empathizing – only because it does numb you out. This happened to me and my boyfriend at the time (I wasn’t on it but he was). Very strange and very frustrating.

    Anyway, I am not trying to concern you but I feel you would like to be aware.

    I think as a person, you will know exactly what you will need to know for yourself and I have faith in that – but if you have any questions (and I don’t assume to have all the answers – IF any) please know that I am happy to converse.


    • Hehehe

      Call me crazy. I wanted to know more about you… you seem like a very interesting and knowledgeable person. I was intrigued. When I went to your LJ there was nothing there but your creation date was correspondant to my entry. I just assumed. Sorry. *Blush* I feel sheepish now! (Hehehe).

      As far as your opinion about Effexor and your sharing your concerns with me, I am SO grateful. Don’t get me wrong. I am so appreciative that you’ve taken the time to inform me of the things that can happen, and I have been watching out for the things you spoke of. I’ve monitored myself very carefully, and asked others I’ve been aroung while taking my pill what they think about how I react. I’ve actually since discovered that several of my friends and coworkers are taking the very same medication (and I was unaware of this).

      It’s really wonderful to have a supportive atmosphere right now, because I am concerned about taking medication, ANY medication in fact.

      I’d love so much if you were able to write things about you, I’d love to get to know you as you’ve gotten to know me. As far as my assertions about the world, I’m not sure which ones you spoke of, but yes, I’m not normal. ^_^”

      No I’ve never taken drugs, nor do I drink (but that’s just a personal choice) and I understand your concern completely. I was hoping that at most I’d end up taking a weak dose of sleeping pills. I never expected to take anti-anxiety medication. It has helped though.

      I do get very tired after taking it, so tired in fact that I have to be somewhere I plan on spending the night if I am to take it. I also burn out quickly and get pretty tired by the early evening. The eye pressure is no longer a concern of mine, they stopped being bloodshot a day or two ago.

      So THANK YOU! Don’t for a moment think I’m ungrateful. I am so grateful that you have been there to warn me.


      • Re: Hehehe

        No worries – as I say – you were partially right – since I couldn’t respond without having a journal. I tend to write more on paper than on computer for personal stuff. So thus why I have not been so allured to enter posts here. I have surfed through over time and caught some interesting things. For instance I did see your stuff way back on abortion and I thought you had some very strong intelligent points that often people don’t even get. It is such an inflammatory topic for people even though as far as I am concerned – if you are open minded and believe in free will and choice, then one shouldn’t get so up in arms the way they do as pro life stances.

        But hey – I could go on ad nauseum with my opinion on that one. I have plenty of them and I am not too normal. I have experienced a lot in this world – more than most and less than others.

        From your writing I see that you are trying hard to understand the life, universe and everything – so to speak. Sometimes only time and space gives us what we need to know. But then again, all answers are within yourself – sometimes you just have to slow down enough to hear them.

        I’m glad you are doing well on the Effexor. Having worked in the pharmaceutical trade I just feel doctors and the companies want to prescribe way too quickly (note how many people you know are on the drug). FOr instance, Ritalin is considered now to be way over-prescribed for kids and no testing was done on its effects on kids because pharmaceutical companies can’t do testing on kids – unethical – yet here they are prescribing it like crazy. Also, did you know they prescribe Viagra for kids now because a side effect of the drug helps with respiratory problems – but what about the effects of its main use. Scary stuff at times.

        Anyway, perhaps I shall post some more on my site. Some meanderings of thought and life experience!!!

        Take care – I’m sure we’ll continue to chat.

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