I Pulled Off Your Wings

Hello. Not much happening lately. Snuck away to update my journal quickly.

Steve is taking his N Test tomorrow. Good luck, love. See you at noon. :X

My mind has been off on another planet lately. Mostly thinking about how far away from me this place seems, and I’m still here. I think I’m realizing that I was never really part of the Terrace heritage. It’s sad, but the world transforms and dawns and sleeps and turns continuously. Here I still am. Wake up and smell the pollution.

Lunatics in my world. My house smells like burnt potatoes and the drink has thickened. Dad returns to say goodbye and I pack my life into boxes. I never knew my world was so so small.

Anyway, I’ll update again when the world makes a little more sense, not that it ever really will. Just a crumb of sanity will do for me. Likely tomorrow after the lights are gone and the crowds have dwindled just a little.

It’s a date. I’ll see you then.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 04/05/2004.

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