My Strange Bizarre and Abnormal Life

So I was double shifted again this week (big fat surprise!) Anyhow, it was about 2:00 when a truck ran into the back of another truck in our Drive Thru at work. The trailer hitch on the back of the truck in front got lodged in the undercarriage of the truck that hit him, and the two vehicles were stuck together. They eventually got apart, but it took some work.

The driver that was hit asked me to call the police, and when I went to tell him that I had done so, the people that hit him were all panicked, going “Oh no, we don’t need the police. You shouldn’t have done that.” Of course that’s what you’d say if you rear-ended someone. Anyway, they got it all worked out and they left. Although now, poor Harmesh is being asked to write a witness report so the guy can file charges. He ended up with some wicked whiplash.

Anyhow…. yes work was greatly amusing. I had lots of eye epilepsy happening. Taught Jenny how to clean the washrooms. I felt strangely non-productive today. I feel as though I have accomplished a big fat nothing today.

But I have that one less thing to worry about… and I’m feeling more harmonized. I want to get back to my art. I feel disconnected with it.

I want to get back to making my album and making it WORK. I’m still lost on a project title. I want it to be different, distinctly me, and totally flabbergasting in it’s brilliance. *LOL* What a goal.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 03/29/2004.

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