I am un IDIOT!

I had the WORST POSSIBLE DAY at work. I was having an average day until 5pm… I got called in because Felecia wanted to go to some FUCKING party. Okay, I was cheered cuz, hey, hours. 😀

But I forgot the PMS… had no Tylenol or anything… by the end of my shift I smelled like road kill that shit itself before it died, and I felt like it too. Fuckin, we were so damn busy all night, and Darrin, Mike and Nate weren’t doing ANYTHING. They kept leaving the kitchen while there were orders on the screen, and they were missing things, we had to tell them several times to make stuff and kept forgetting to make new patties. We were completely out of burgers TWICE, it was full time for EVERYTHING, customers were jeering left and right and nobody started the closing list. Half an hour before close I was running around like a mental patient trying to get it done.

The guys from the back had to sweep and mop the entire restaurant for me because I was so behind.

I want to hug my knees and cry.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 03/11/2004.

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