So today has been DANDY! Balbir spent all day walking around staring at me and muttering in East Indian. Dammit. She makes me so paranoid.

I then proceeded to be stuck on drive thru over lunch AGAIN, as usual, for the billionth time. I like to think it’s because I’m good at it, but I truly think that it’s so I’m not in their face all day. Anyhow, the second my drive thru was slow I got booted outside to do a lot check. “I want you to do it fast, but pick things up.” There was so much garbage out there I could have filled a nuclear waste treatment plant with it. I picked up only the biggest pieces of garbage and left the nicotine wasteland to rot on the cement.

Lou is SERIOUSLY starting to piss me off. He’s one of our regulars. He keeps rolling the wrappers off of his BaconEggers into balls and stuffing them under the plants. We’ll find handfulls of rancid baconegger balls months later and know exactly why they’re there. He has one constant hiding spot but they’re all over the damn place. It’s disgusting. When we asked him to stop, he told us to fuck off. He also puts his coffee cup on top of the pop machines and comes back and grabs it trying to sneak a free refill. We’ve gotten wiser to his bullshit.

One of our other regulars, John, brought in a whole bunch of waffles for us. He had all these waffles he didn’t want so he brought them in. He’s such a sweet old man. He’s like a grandpa. 🙂 Phil, Dan and Tyson (who I want to assault with a baseball bat) were trying to find different ways to cook them… (i.e. deep frying them, grilling them, toasting them, throwing cheese on them, making a waffleburger). I love waffles. I brought some home. They were the Dempster’s fresh waffles. MMM.

Tyson is driving me crazy. We have a three Mama Burger for $5 special right now. Anyway… Mama burgers don’t come standard with cheese, you have to ask to add it. He was throwing cheese on ALL of the family burgers whether or not people were paying for it. Cheese is 30 cents a fucking slice. When you think about how many burgers we sold during his shift, that’s like a fucking STACK. He’s also creating waste. He’s supposed to only put 9 onion rings in a bag, and he’s stacking them higher than the eiffel tower. It’s insane. (And the FRONT ladies are getting flack for creating too much waste? That’s bullshit.)


I also locked my damn keys in my car today (I felt like a genius). It took a half hour to get ahold of my parents because they disconnected our second phone line and they were on the internet (we have dialup.) They both have cell phones they never fucking use. WHAT IF I WAS TRAPPED IN A FUCKING RAVINE SOMEWHERE AND STEVE WAS CALLING TO TELL THEM OR SOMETHING?! I seriously doubt the safety of my situation now.

-My Dad just gave me a trojan condom-

*forgets* Waffles. Tea. Sounds like a plan.


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 03/08/2004.

28 Responses to “Damn”

  1. I have showcase, but I’m not used to having cable yet and don’t really watch TV still.

  2. Tyson is a fucktard. Lou is a fag, and if he causes any more problems, secretly point him out, i will make sure he doesnt come back.. baseball bat style…

    And thanks for the compliment on the perfect onion rings, 9-11 (rofl perfect disaster number) rings always fits nice.

    No can do on the showtime channel.

    See you at work sometime this week again.

  3. A condom? OooOoo.. I was watching Spike, The First Network for Men (I HATE that name.. TV has always been aimed at guys.. so it deffinatly isnt the first network for men.. I’m a very big feminest) and they were advertising her pleasure condoms >___< Tyson.. Is he new? I dont remember a tyson.. Anyhoo do you have the adress for Diet Kazaa? Do I just download that or do I have to download Kazaa first? I would have just emailed you with that question but I dont seem to have your email.. O.o

    • This condom was a Trojan Magnum. When I opened the envelope it was in I couldn’t stop laughing. I can’t remember the site I got Diet Kazaa off of, just type that into google.ca and you should find it. You have to download diet kazaa first and then kazaa. (Well you don’t HAVE to, but it helps). Tyson is one of the newest kitchen guys. Total moron. Him, not you.

  4. Tyson is my cousin. He doesn’t really know me though. The whole family issues thing.

  5. (Did a keyword search)

    Dont tell me you’re stuck in Cayley, ALBERTA? jeez..I fought for years to get the hell out of that area..my family is still stuck there..heheh

    • No way! My mom grew up there, I used to go there every summer… that’s where I’m named after. I used to love it… of course, I didn’t have to live full-time there 🙂

      • Whew..lucky..that place is horrible..

      • Really? I loved it so much. The tiny little corner store and the little playgrounds, and the railroad tracks… but then I was a little kid. I haven’t been back in ages, not since my grandma moved away. You probably knew who she was, Ivy Walker?

      • Walker…Hmm..More than likely I knew her..depends how many years ago..If I dont, my parents would, Im sure..Its a fairly small place..

        I agree, it was nice once but in the last few years, its really gone downhill..Its looking more and more like a slum-type area each time I see it..

      • Ew, really? Haven’t been back in a long time. That’s gross… I have so many fond childhood memories, I don’t want to know *L*

      • nm, moment of stupidity…

    • Um… wrong journal. Cayley is at this journal.

  6. Showtime…

    I’ve got that.

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