Valentines Approaches

Hello all,
Yes, a community entry has been in order for awhile. I’ve been living more and documenting less as of late, purely for the reasons of wanting to accumulate some interesting things to say before I wrote them down.

I’m gearing up for Saturday. It’s been a long road because I thought for sure I’d be working Saturday night, however, Shannon and I have switched shifts so I’ll be off work about 4 and a half hours earlier. *YAY* I went out and got all of my “romantic holiday” stuff, which I can’t say until afterwards, because Steve reads my journal. *hehehe, I FOUND THE SECRET TO HOW YOU INFILTRATE MY SURPRISES!*

Work has been lax. Shifts are gearing down and I don’t expect to work much this month. I think what I won’t be making will probably have just covered my gas after taxes. I’ll be saving that much gas just by not having to drive into town all the time (unless it is to see Steve…). Customers are becoming increasingly cunning in their attempts to score free merch. It isn’t happening. *Sowwy…*

I’m trying not to go home without offending my parents, which I’m beginning to feel guilty about. It’s strange how I pity even the big evil mean people I shouldn’t give a crap about, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I should narrow that down to “person”… just ONE person. My Dad I wish I could see more often not less.

So I’m trying to get this all worked out, anyway, without being long winded or horribly contrite. I hope you are all well and aspiring to greater things than “this.”


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 02/09/2004.

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