The Rules:
001. Copy this whole list into your journal.
002. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
003. Whatever you don’t bold, replace with things about you

Myself compared with differentnerd

100 Things About Me

01. I carry out conversations with myself.
02. I can wiggle my nostrils.
03.My parents are alive.
04.I have always harbored a dire need for adventure.
05. I won’t kill any living thing.
06. I understand my faith, but it’s tough to explain.
07. I work at A&W and I like it.
08.I remember more books in my head than I own presently.
09. If I want to do it, I will think about it a lot even if I don’t do it.
10.I still sometimes completely overlook sarcasm.
11. I am friends with people of all ages.
12. The confusion between “its” and “it’s” must END! This goes for all other your, you’re, two, to, too, there, they’re, and their as well.
13. I want to visit Hawaii.
14. I want the perfect, tidy wardrobe, arranged neatly, with exactly 7 of everything.
15. I like silver jewelry, not gold.
16. I wish I could forget my childhood.
17. My favorite place when I was 10 was by the sea.
18. I am a night person.
19. I have adopted a pet from the pound.
20. I appreciate satire.
21.I see beauty in a large amount of things.
22. I have horrible nightmares.
23. If you think I’m unhappy, you’re wrong.
24. Thought my dreams were useless wishes, but I’ve been told I have the talent to accomplish them.
26.I have grudges I’ve held for years. I can put them aside, but never quite permanently.
27. I want to write my own wedding vows.
28. I want to retire to an ocean side cottage and collect sea glass all day.
29. It bugs me when someone tells me who I am.
30.I know some cool people online whom I’ve never met.
31.I like small fuzzy animals.
32. I wash my hair regularly.
33. Hate should be abolished and defeated for good.
34. Moderation is good, but that also applies to moderation.
35. I would enjoy being a mother.
36.I want to be everything else too.
37.I want to make pictures with words and get people to see the things I see and the way I see them.
38.I am thankful for all of those friends.
39.I have seen places that no one else has seen.
40. I believe that a lot of people don’t understand me.
41.I can be very temperamental.
42. I have a hard time dealing with negative people.
43. I dislike hip hop.
44. I am completely obsessed with coffee.
45. When down, I kick myself over my mistakes, even ones from long ago.
46. I am a lot like my mother, who is the strongest person I have known.
47.I want two children.
48. I love every moment.
49. I can make pictures with my body.
50.I don’t have nearly enough time to spend with my boyfriend.
51. I love jumping on trampolines.
52. I want to die happy.
53. I wish I had insight into my decisions.
54. I have a strong personality, but I don’t mind that some people will not end up liking me.
55. Not exercising drives me nuts.
56.I am obsessed with a need to make things right.
57. I want to have a little boy as my first child.
58. Sometimes I wish the world would realize their follies and find a way to function as a whole, and not individuals that grind against each other and fray the balance of peace.
59. I shamelessly steal ideas and pass them on.
60. I wish I talked to my family more somehow.
61. There is no joke about discrimination I could ever find funny.
62. I love so deeply that no power on earth could be greater.
63. Smoking is a demon.
64. I believe in “the one” I am meant for.
65. I have a deep, true feeling of love for my bed.
66. I say “I love you” every time I say goodbye to my sweetheart.
67.I sometimes want to be ignored, but not maliciously.
68. I want to really talk to everyone I meet.
69. I want people to have faith in the truth.
70. Financial independence was the day I could survive on my own.
71. I like bending the rules, and I’ve never been in trouble for it because I can do it well.
72. I want to see everything in the world, and until I see more, I can’t consider myself worldly.
73. I wish I was shorter.
74.I like listening to myself think.
75.I sometimes obsess over whether I’m considering my own well being enough.
76.I’m a very loving person.
77.I think I know how to get attention if I need to.
78. I will die.
79. I can swallow pills easily without fluid.
80. I wonder if I’ll ever shave my head.
81. I don’t believe there is a formula to art.
82. I accept death.
83. I fear leaving things undone.
84.Rapists should be removed from the planet. As quickly as possible.
85. I look out at the world as though I am trapped outside it.
86.I admit it, some movies make me cry.
87. I am very empathetic.
88. Egyptian culture/religions fascinate me to no end.
89. I want to know the closest people in my life as best I can.
90. Sometimes I feel like I’m holding back.
91. I have bug phobias.
92. I like where I used to live.
93. I’ve cut myself on a blade of grass before.
94. I live off books, music, and human contact, and wouldn’t enjoy lack of the latter.
95. I enjoy physical exertion.
96. I will be a teacher of the world.
97. I feel my maternal instincts kicking in.
98. I have standards that I will not budge from.
99. I don’t miss school.
100. I can surprise myself with how easily I put my “face” on when cornered.



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