One Of Those Days

I was called into work today, against my will, but nobody in their right mind would turn down a 40 hour week with a load of debt under their belt. Nobody.

So anyway, I was tired to death from reading the 80 or so odd pages on the making of Freddy vs Jason and I was drinking back coffee like a drug (and it SO is…) and saying scary things like “Fred has no HOLES!” and holding my foot out to people. (LOL) *imacrackaddict*

So tonight Steve, Phil and I are watching movies (Freddy vs Jason, The Fifth Element, Angel Season One, Once Upon A Time In Mexico and Regarding Henry). We’re going to call in to A&W for the Family Favorite (9 pieces of chicken a family fry and a medium gravy) and an extra family fry… only unseasoned chicken. Seasoning contains MSG!!! *barf* (Come try our new double cancerous chicken… j/k)

Work got really slow. We were dead for most of the day aside from lunch (which I got stuck on drive-thru… as USUAL) and then Dawn called and said they were having a staffing crisis at the mall. All the while Christina is wasting time trying to reconfigure the tills to the new Surge protectors, screwing up all the commands and prices so that we couldn’t use the tills on and off all day.

These guys came to change the lights in the drive thru, so everytime there was drive-thru they had to stop, lower themselves and drive the platform out into the parking lot. Dammit. I went to the mall to help Dawn. Kashmir was on her break (if it were that fucking busy she shouldn’t have done that) and Dawn is just having a panic attack. I get there, Dawn takes her break (doi) and I get stuck up front all by myself because Kashmir is off doing whatever the fuck she was up to.

I got sent back to the other store when it got dead.

That reminds me of the funniest thing I saw all day. This group came into the Keith Store, all ready with about a billion coupons for free food (they must have been saving and scrounging for YEARS) and one of them was attached to a food survey. They wrote that all of our food was perfect and that we should have more food sales and promotion so that they don’t have to spend as much money. DOES THIS IN ANY WAY TELL YOU THE SORT OF PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN THIS GODDAMN PLACE? Fucking welfare bums and assholes who bum off of the government because they’re native and their ancestors about 400 years ago were treated like shit.

The Canadian Government is a piece.

Almost Unreal

Super Mario Bros Soundtrack

Babe, come in from the cold
and put that coat to rest.
Step inside, take a deep breath,
and do what you do best.
Yes, kick off them shoes and leave those city streets.
I do believe love came our way,
and fate did arrange for us to meet.

I love when you do that hocus pocus to me.
The way that you touch,
you’ve got the power to heal.
You give me that look, it’s almost unreal.
It’s almost unreal.

Hey, we can’t stop the rain,
let’s find a place by the fire.
Sometimes I feel,
strange as it seems,
you’ve been in my dreams all my life.


It’s a crazy world out there.
It’s a crazy…
Let’s hope our prayers are in good hands tonight.

(Chorus x2)

It’s almost unreal.
Do the hocus pocus to me. Do the hocus pocus…


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 01/20/2004.

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