Must It All Be In My Head?

I’m having one of those days (attributed greatly to Ms. Kelly Wolfenden) where the world is vast. It never ends. My consciousness never ends.

The last few days of work were slow, but amused me greatly. Dan made a label called the “Dan Burger” out of A&W burger wrappers… we asked him if the DanBurger combo came with curly fries. This brought forth no answer. I tried covering the holes in my shoe with blue electric tape but it wasn’t working well. Rachel suggested I buy new shoes and then I asked her if I could name my shoe “Fred.” She wasn’t interested in bonding with my footwear.

I went to Phil’s and we went for a walk, as we did again today. I needed a reason to get motivated, and a friend to walk with is a great thing to have. We have strange conversations about the inner psyche (the “ego” and the “id”) and psionics. We delve greatly into the power of the human mind, which often can be a disturbing place to go.

I bought a membership to the gym, and a copy of Freddy vs Jason. My Dad was happy to have me as a gym buddy.

I feel endless right now. That could be gross. (Did you know that the network of veins in the human body are so long that if stretched end to end they could wrap around the earth?

Cherry, I know how it feels to have a Steve to wrap yourself in. (not literally)



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 01/19/2004.

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