Dreams and Hauntings

The last week has been strange. I’ve been staying at Phil’s a lot, partially because I don’t want to go home and partially because I can’t. I feel a little bit in debt to Shaun and Jackie, so I’m going to try and soak my Dad out of $50 to give them since I’ve been mildly using their resources.

I miss my Dad and my cat. I really wanted to go home yesterday but it just wasn’t worth the trip. The roads have just been awful, so it’s looking like tomorrow night is the earliest I’ll be going home.

Last night I had this terrible dream. It was likely multiple dreams, but again… they were recurring and flowed together like one. Sometimes my dreams are most distinctively separate. But this one seemed never to end.

I was walking down some road in Surrey. Somewhere new and unfarmiliar. There was an Esso at the end of the block and Jordan (my brother) and I were on the way to my Aunt’s new apartment. I’d parked my car in the parking lot, and we were just on our way to the doors. Some guy in a blue camero passed us and said something stupid… I can’t even remember what it was he said. I didn’t even look at him before giving him the finger. Next thing I know, Jordan has a gun in his face. The both of us backed off and tried to apologize. But somehow we stepped into the middle of a gang war that wasn’t about to end.

The car sped away. Just as we thought we were safe Jordan pointed out that he was coming back. We ran behind the bushes at the side of the building and hid. The camero kept going, looking for us. I read out the plate number and told Jordan to remember it. 414 818 333 986 (I know this couldn’t possibly be a real plate number…) It gave us just enough time to sneak in the doors and run up to our Aunt’s apartment. The elevators were like the ones you would ride to a loft apartment, only without the sliding doors. They were a little rickety.

When we got inside, my Aunt Lynne was calm, before she noticed that both Jordan and I were terrified. We told her what happened and I grabbed her phone to call my Grandfather. He answered the phone and I just erupted in tears. I was too afraid to call the cops and bust this one guy… I knew his friends wouldn’t be far behind staking me out. Grandpa told me there was nothing he could do.

I was angry but there was just no time to react. Lynne told me to call Dan (Inskip, who I work with) and pointed out the secret “Dan Button” on her phone. I couldn’t even remember if Dan could drive. I planned to give him my Keys and get him to pull right up to the front doors and pick us up, then get away as fast as he could with us inside the car. I got his machine. I was so scared I didn’t even notice it and ended up humming the theme to Dark Shadows into the phone.

I felt lost for options and I decided to get away on my own. Jordan and I snuck through her back window and down the fire escape into the field behind the apartment. When we reached the ground, these two old ladies exited a nearby elevator and then attempted scaling the massive fence blocking off the parking lot from the field. They didn’t notice the walk-through against the wall. I poked my head out just far enough to catch a hint of the blue camaro parked across the street.

I went back up to Lynne’s and decided to wait. When Jordan and I got back up there, Aunt Lynne wasn’t alone. Her girlfriend was there (for some reason in my dream my Aunt Lynne is a lesbian, which she isn’t…). This didn’t seem unusual to me. So we waited. We tried going again later, but the camero was still there. I couldn’t see if anyone was in it or not, so I didn’t even chance it. For all I knew they could have been standing right behind us. We took the elevator at the back of the building back up. It stopped on an unfinished level of the building, which mildly looked like a department store. The elevator wavered by a few feet and overshot the floor a bit. It panicked me so much that I had a hallucination that there was a store here.

There were toys and electronics and so many customers. Eventually we decided not to go back, and to brave running to my car. In that decision… I woke up…

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it really was terrifying. I wish I had my dream dictionary with me.


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 01/09/2004.

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