Good morning ladies and gents. So here’s how I kicked in the new year:

My plans sort-of died when my boyfriend was too busy to see me. So at work, Phil and I made a plan to go out with Barry for New Year’s. Phil waited around while I closed the A&W in the mall, and then we left. We went to his house and got ready to go. I know where Julie Rauschenberger lives anyway (that’s where the party was) so we just went out there. Only on the way, this asshole trucker pulls through a red light and wide turns into my lane and almost into my car. I told the police “inquire about the driver of the 7:00 delivery to the Wholesale Club.” They wanted a licence plate number. Fuckers.

When we got to the party, we mocked the tail end of Robin Hood Man In Tights and then went up to Julie’s room to take funny pictures and listen to a really bad copy of the Evanescence album. I played resident DJ. I had the “crowd” jumpin’. We went out for a really long walk out on Willow Creek drive, during which I had a massive asthma attack without my inhaler. I think at one point I actually passed out.

We went back to Julies and put duct tape on our boobs and crotches and took pictures. It was very funny. I had little tape x’s on my nipples and everyone was laughing and taking pictures of my chest.

Anyway, we went to watch Two Weeks Notice and we left before it was over. Phil and Alyssa are turning into a couple. Which I think is great, but it made me feel kind of lonely.

I really missed my family last night.

Anyhow, Phil and I went back to his house and gave him a haircut and a dye job. It looks great but I’m not going to describe it. I’ll leave it to his digital camera to reveal. Anyway, I’m off to breakfast, so to all I bitched at last night on LJ…




~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 01/01/2004.

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