The Generation Gap

At work, just this very morning, I overhead a man in his 50’s talking about his upbringing. “I was raised to be seen and not heard. Kids shouldn’t interrupt or contradict their parents.” That sort of upbringing started the bad boy addictions and skanky lifestyles. Thanks for the inspiration.

I recall having a conversation about generation gaps with my Step Mother. She is 47, and I am 18. She claims that our generation gap is thisbig. Not so. I only just graduated this last summer, and there is a titanic gap between myself and high school seniors.

I wasn’t a well-behaved person because of my upbringing. I was given full reign over who I wanted to be. I could have gone the other way, but that is just weakness. Kids today know it. That sad media influence excuse is nothing more than a cop out. Kids know when they’re doing something wrong. They’re not stupid… they’re actually really intelligent. Excuses like peer pressure (which can be a mild factor) or pop culture are just convenient methods of dodging responsibility.

The more restrictive you are on kids today, the worse off they’ll be. When it comes to rules, kids want a compromise, and there is no two ways about it. When it comes to sex, it isn’t that kids aren’t educated well enough, it’s that they don’t care. It’s all attributed to ignorance and laziness. If they really wanted to know all they’d have to do is listen. But they don’t. Kids are underexposed. The more they are sheltered from something the more they go looking for it. They usually find the worse things. If kids are introduced to things the right way by they’re parents, they won’t be so capricious to jump into huge decisions like sex. Kids are smart. Stop allowing them to make you buy into stereotypes. It’s called manipulation. Don’t let adolescent casual sex surprise you because it has happened right in front of you.

Contradicting your parents and speaking out of turn introduces kids to the adult conversation. Stop with the mind games and power struggles. Teach your children maturity and independence and they just might teach you respect and loyalty in return. A parent’s influence is not the final word anymore. You have to learn the art of bargaining. We are all equals, not seen by race, age, sex, orientation, nationality, capability, shape, size or otherwise, and kids know this.

Kids could get condoms. They’re everywhere for free or for a quarter, but that is too much for some people, or they’re uncomfortable or whatever. They could get their hands on birth control but they’re too embarrassed. Kids are lazy and paranoid.
Kids are speaking a new language that contradicts every reason you have for teen social problems. Really listen because the subtext is always there. Make them care too.

Kassondra Thomsen © 2003-2004

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 12/27/2003.

3 Responses to “The Generation Gap”

  1. Go Kassi! I completely agree with you on everything in that. Parents are exceptionally irritating when embodying what you’re talking about. I always get wenched at anytime I dare to contratdict my mother. Tis greatly irritating. And it’s funny when they say they are open minded but they still call anyone whom engages in casual sex a slut…

    You write very wonderfully. *admires your skill*

  2. Ty

    i know i’m the last person who/whom/that you want to hear from at the moment, but i’d like to thank you, you wrote what i could not, i have the ability to write things to describe my thoughts, but i tend to splur in random billion directions, anyway, sorry for cluttering your comments section, you can delete this (if it is possible in LJ) if you choose to

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