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In response to Elizabeth Thompson’s letter in the December 24th issue, I would like to voice my opinion on the pointless debate against abortion.

Terrace has serviced just over 100 abortions. There is a larger than life sign with that number stamped on it just outside of town. “Choose Life.” It says. That is such a joke. That number has been the same since as long as I can remember. So how do we conciously connect abortion to the dramatic increase in Teen Pregnancy? People are still getting pregnant, but that number never changes.

Calling abortion a temporary evil is pointless. Bringing religion into this debate is pointless. We are a diverse multicultural society. If you want to get all Christian about this we can make it illegal for Christian women to have abortions and get nice and prejudiced again. But wait, am I beginning to sound a little moronic to you? I’d say yes.

We are an overpopulated planet with more people in it than we can currently support. Our economy is fast failing and it only makes sense that abortion be a valid option. One in 4 women is raped. 1 in every 8 rapes results in pregnancy. Are we going to condemn these victims to having to raise the children resulting from these atrocities? Are we suggesting an adoptive punishment for the innocent children? I think not.

V. Bramhill (November 26th issue) had a head on her shoulders. We can’t forever be idealists. Some of us (preferrably MOST of us) have some concept of reality. The use of contraception does not always work. After great and lengthy efforts to prevent pregnancy, it does not always happen that way. It is true, people should only be having sex if they are willing to accept the consequences and claim responsibility… but it doesn’t happen that way. Even Foster Care and Adoption (both options of which are backlogged and frequently reckless) do not offer a stable future for children. Putting a child through these systems can leave them mentally scarred and unstable. (This I know for a fact, from personal experience).

“Kill” and “Abort” should never be confused. Abortions cannot be performed on a living being, or unwillingly. Beforehand, it is only potential for life and requires consent. If abortion is murder, than what is miscarriage? Manslaughter? Nobody advocates baby killing, and anyone who considers abortion murder is little more than ignorant. Teenagers don’t get reckless because they think of abortion as an easy out. It isn’t a trend. It’s scary and it’s a very hard thing to live with once it is done. Connecting abortion to the increase in welfare, divorces, poverty, abuse, crime, drugs, STD’s, dropouts and homelessness is just plain ludicrous. You cannot kill something that is not yet living.

Perhaps E. Thompson should consider her own words: “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” Taking a Mother’s life away to save something that doesn’t yet exist is not the way either. Women who become accidentally pregnant should not be condemned to having no options. It is a personal choice that I believe all women should have. Unless someone can reasonably come up with a better solution to pregnancy in today’s society, I suggest that an anti-abortion opinion is best kept to onesself.

Kassondra Thomsen, Terrace

Social Problems Were Never Solved

Regarding Vanessa Bramhill’s letter to the Editor in the Nov. 26 issue, I would like to raise several points of consideration. Firstly, taking care of the born and protecting the lives of the preborn is not an “either/or” situation, rather a ‘both/and’. These are two sides of the same good coin.

V. Bramhill explains that because there are so many people already born “who really could use a helping hand”,
and because this world doesn’t welcome all children and care about women, she respects a woman’s choice to decide whether or not to continue with a pregnancy. To clarify the terms (because in my experience many abortionists do not convey this information to mothers and fathers), respecting a woman’s choice to decide whether or not to ‘continue with a pregnancy’ means specifically, to respect a woman’s choice to decide whether to let the baby growing inside her live, or to have that baby killed.

Secondly, it appears that V. Bramhill subscribes to the ‘two-wrongs-make-a-right’ theory: Because society does not welcome and care about those people already born, parents should be free to kill those who are not yet born. To what end? To save them from being unwelcomed or uncared for? That’s as unsound as suggesting that society could eliminate wife-beating by killing all the married women in the world. Feeling unwelcomed or uncared for makes a child’s life difficult. Abortion makes it impossible.

I heartily encourage anyone who advocates for the killing of babies as a solution to social problems to do a little concrete research on the statistics around abortion history and social problems. Before the killing of pre-born babies was legalized in the late 1960s, the abortion proponents were prophesying that legalizing abortion would solve all social problems. Today, after more than 30 years of legal abortion, and after millions of children have been killed in the womb, every social problem society faced when this grizzly business began is considerably worse.
Look at the increasing numbers of teenage pregnancies, hungry welfare recipients, divorces, women and children living in poverty, abused children, abused spouses, gangs, drug users, sexually-transmitted diseases, high school drop-outs and the homeless, to name a sample.

While I applaud the desire to care for those people already born, I cannot support the desire to do evil that good may come of it. Mohandas Gandhi says it most succinctly when he says: “I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.”

Elizabeth A. Thompson – Terrace

Some people are just bloody morons.



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