I Wish I Could Speak Aloud

I hated this day, aside from the few minutes of peace I was allowed on my way into town and my way home from town.

I just wanted to stay in bed and SLEEP! Such luck. Anyway… I got to work and it was slow. My favorite staffers were working all with me today (and I mean my absolute FAVORITES). But it got so busy we were all in awful moods. People were excessively rude and we were running out of this, that and the other thing so people were cranky that they couldn’t have certain things. We totally ran out of strips. We ran out of fries three times. Stupid Neptune Foods.

Anyway… I plan in the near future to go to A&W on my day off, stand outside the drive thru and wait for a bitch to come through and ream her out for being a cow. I plan to do so several times.

I also today declared my total refusal to do anymore deliveries for the mall. As a Novice driver, if I am caught parked in a tow away zone by mall security or by the police, I will lose my license and have my car impounded. I’m not willing to take that kind of risk AND spend mass amounts of gas money that I won’t be reimbursed for. That’s not even a fair question to ask an employee. Not even sort-of.

I’m putting my foot down a lot today. Does everyone seem to have some alternate idea of the definition of the word “NO!!!!” ???



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 12/21/2003.

One Response to “I Wish I Could Speak Aloud”

  1. It all depends… No can mean yes. 😐

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