Argh. That angers me so. Tonight did not go at ALL as planned. 😦

I was supposed to be working 1030-4 today. Does that sound complicated to you? Should that have been a problem for me at all? In and out… it just sounds so logical, doesn’t it? But it’s not.

I was going to take my break at 2:30… instead Balbir comes up to me and asks me if I want to take a split shift instead, leave at 2:30 and come back at 5:00 and work to 11:00. I was psyched. I mean I don’t close much anymore and people can get rusty… but it was AN HOUR AND A HALF OVERTIME. I was so psyched to get this shift.

So what happens? WHAT ALWAYS HAPPENS? *SIGH*
Here I am, bussing tables at the Keith Store, up on the higher level with a tray full of glass mugs in my arms, when boom, the power goes out. It comes on fast enough for me to put the tray down, and then boom. Black. It stayed that way for three hours. We ended up turning everything off (except apparently for the wall lights) locking up and going home. Impressive? I think not. That… was so lame.

So I don’t know if I’m even getting paid for anything over the four hours I worked. So instead of gaining five hours I think I just lost an hour and a half.

I am so pissed.

Ontop of that we (Brandon, Phil and I) went to DQ to have dinner and see Steve. I realized today that 90% of his life doesn’t have anything to do with me. He has this whole world around him that I can’t even touch. At night he goes to bed with Bertha, and in the morning he wakes up with me…

I went to pick him up from work, and it wasn’t like… “Hi…” It was a growing experience. But maybe he feels that way towards me with A&W. I don’t hang out with his coworkers, and he doesn’t hang out with mine (well most of them anyway…). He knows a lot of people I work with, whereas I know like one person he works with and everyone else there treats me like crap.

I’m either making a whole lot of no sense because I’m tired, or I’m making way too much sense because I’m too tired. Don’t know.


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 12/16/2003.

One Response to “Workiness…”

  1. Bertha? *shrugs*

    Most of the time when two people who are in a ralationship, where both work, that sort of thing happens. Ever wonder why one person usually stays home and cleans while the other works? It’s so they can see each other, because they don’t work in conflicting times…

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