My World

I wish I could shut myself off when the irrationality starts coming on. I get that way because I feel sometimes like what I do has no bearing on reality. Everyone else is so much more than me, and sometimes that’s a heavy burden to bear. And no, this isn’t me clawing for pity. It’s a compliment. I’ve never thought much of myself, but despite that other people seem to.

Last night was the A&W Staff Party (Don’t worry Brandon, you didn’t miss much…)

Pretty much what happened is, we got there and it was crowded. The group was split off into two halves: 1. The East Indian Ladies and management 2. The shift workers and students. Phil, Steve and I all hung out with my pal Jenny Bowsher. She’s awesome. We often quote LOTR… “Don’t tell the elf…” Anyway, we had a good time. There was this punch which was pretty much Fresca and a bunch of fruit. You’d be drinking the punch and chewing it at the same time. I wish I had some now. 😦

I got called into work from 12-4 yesterday so I had to get ready at Phil’s.

We all sat around and ate. There was a skit called Bolly Couldn’t which is a spoof of that movie Hollywood Bollywood… a love story about an East Indian and an American. Anyway, Christina played the elderly father. She came out in the turban and the grey beard. It was great. Campbell’s wife, Nikki, played the wife. She was strange. Campbell kept telling everyone not to laugh because it was a serious broadway love story.

Anyway, what happened was the father refused to let the american boy marry his “daughter” Bali. They were arguing that a boy who sold shoes could not compare to the Head Inspector of the Taxi Company (he thought this was some great accomplishment). Anyway… what ended up happening is that the boy’s mother comes in (Lauren) and announces that they have just bought the Nike company. Turns out they already owned ADIDAS and were multibillionaires. So of course, the father caves in and allows the marriage to Bali… who turns out to be none other than JEROME. I think there was a kissing scene, I can’t remember. Anyways, Jerome looks great in a dress.

Everyone opened their gifts. I’ll say the ones I can remember:

  • Adam: $15 gift certificate to Sight & Sound
  • Lyric: Striped Scarf and Gloves (HAHA DARSHAN!)
  • Donna: Massagers
  • Jenny: Bath kit
  • Phil: Mini basketball net and a Terry’s Chocolate Orange
  • Gurdev: A watch and bracelet set
  • Rachel: Bubble baths
  • Brenda: Votive candle set
  • Lauren: Crystal wine glasses
  • Alysa: Candle
  • Gurveena: “How To Be An Action Superhero” book
  • Kassi: Calgon Hawaiian Ginger Body set
  • Campbell: Can of Campbell’s Cream of Chicken Noodle soup (haha) and “American Fast Food” book (from me)

    There’s more but I just can’t remember it at the moment. Some people got some really huge boxes. As far as I’m concerned (and I was slightly against the mandatory secret santas) the money wheighed and balanced.

    Jackie gave me a cucumber bath and body set. 😀 I can’t wait to use it.

    Anyway, after the party, Steve, Phil and I came back to Phil’s and watched The Recruit and Innocent Blood. The first movie was great. The second was slightly lacking. The only things that blew me away were the sex scenes.

    Anyway… must be going. Nothing much else to say, may do a survey because I’M STRANGE! Good day all.



    ~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 12/11/2003.

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