Hello all…

Another night of debauchery is behind me. Actually the last few days have been interesting. There are new unexpected developments.

My Dad is seriously considering divorce, which is something I knew was going to happen, but come on… he’s been dancing around this since they married. He’s seriously considering it. Lesley’s down to drinking a full 2-6 of Vodka a night, straight up, no mix. She’s passing out at regular intervals and doing a Jekyll and Hyde act that would actually scare Jekyll and Hyde. She’s making life as unpleasant as possible for everyone, and it’s making serious waves.

In other news… I paid my second rent… which actually felt routine. I never thought I’d get used to just handing away $100 in one shot for no reason, but it makes sense to me. My Dad hugged me, and he told me he loved me. He hasn’t done that in two years. He’s happy. I know he is because he’s starting to take control of his life. I knew it would happen but as I said before, it’s been a long time coming.

I have a tight budget this time, so unfortunately after today all the treating must be on you guys. I only have enough money left for my lunch. *blush* And now that I’ve actually seen Finding Nemo I really want it. It was cute. Jenny said it wasn’t that great but I’m a huge fan of the cute pointless comedy… especially those from Pixar. However, Getting Monsters Inc is a way bigger priority. Actually neither are important, it’s just the latter film was better.

I worked a long shift. Everyone at work was in a mellow mood, all except for Dawn and goodness knows why. She’s just that way.

After work, Phil and I went to DQ, saw Steve, bought shit to eat and rented Tank Girl and Finding Nemo both of which rule. Lori Petty kicks ass.

Anyway… so we went to Phil’s and went on Yahoo… I officially proved that like a BILLION people think I’m Britney Spears and even if I show them my face they won’t believe me. Lame huh? It’s funny.

Anyway, tired, I am boring so going to bed… have a good night y’all.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 11/23/2003.

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