So anyway,
I spent the night with Steve at Phil’s again. We slept on the floor. It was uncomfortable. Steve may have an easy time sleeping on padded cement but not me. I’ve become accustomed to my wonderfully cushy bed.

I bought new shoes. They’re velcro. LoL!

I almost bought The Italian Job but they only had it in full screen at sight and sound. DAMN FULLSCREEN! DAMMIT! We watched The Big Hit. It was really damn hilarious. Mark Whalberg’s girlfriend steps into a bag of body parts and she’s like “Eww. Who’s that? He’s kinda cute.” I think my favorite parts of the movie were the King Kong Lives gag. He rented a movie (Marvin Smiley) and he kept forgetting to return it. He’s a contract killer right, so the guy from the movie store (Flip Top Video) calls him and he’s all “If you don’t return the movie RIGHT NOW WE’LL HAVE YOU KILLED!” It was funny. And no matter what situation Marvin was in, he was sickeningly polite. He would be shooting up a house and apologizing to bystanders. LoL.

My absolute favorite scene was the coffee scene. They were doing a hit and Marvin’s back-up were in another room drinking coffee. Marvin was asking for backup and they’d be saying “Oh yeah, we’ve got your back man, it’s getting heavy in here!” And they’d just shoot there guns and sip coffee. Then one guy’s like “Non dairy creamer?” And the jack-off guy was really funny. LOL!!!!

Anyway, another song for you all:

Breathe On Me
Britney Spears

In The Zone


“It’s so hot in here…”

Oh, it’s so hot and I need some air
And boy, don’t stop ’cause I’m halfway there
It’s not complicated
We’ll get syncopated
We can read each-other’s minds
Well I love inviting
Two bodies synchronizing
Don’t even need to touch me, baby

(Just) breathe on me
(Oh baby just) breathe on me
(Just) breathe on me
Don’t touch just breathe

Oh yeah
Oh, this is way beyond the physical
(“Oh baby I wanna get so close”)
And my, my senses don’t make sense at all
My imagination
taking us to places
we have never been before
Take me in, let it out
Don’t even need to touch me, baby


“Monogamy is the way to go…
Just put your lips together and blow…”

(Chorus x2)

I love that song. It’s totally excellent. Moby produced it. Gotta love Moby. I found the first season of Six Feet Under for my Mom. The price tag was $110.99. That’s twice the price of a 22 episode season of Buffy. I think I might buy the first season of Smallville

And big news… which I’ve delayed telling you all:

The first season of ROSWELL comes out in February on DVD! YAAAYYYYY!



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 11/13/2003.

3 Responses to “Synchronicity”

  1. I’m really sorry about the dinner
    Could be worse!

    It sucks that my DVD player here in fist gen, and thus won’t play most movies that are burned, and even some that aren’t, like 28 days later…

    Oh… Something came to mind about that… Rage, blood, scary people, 28 days… Is anyone drawing the same conclusion I am? 😛

    • HAHAHA!

      If that was a sad attempt at making fun of rag times… grrr.

      • Re: HAHAHA!

        And by arg times, I assume that we are both on the same page and not refering to the music, then yes it was 😛

        Sorry, but unlike most guys, I know that it’s not all funny… It really hurts some times, but hey… You gotta laugh at the irony of them picking 28 days, right?

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