So Hey, I saw The Matrix Revolutions a couple of days ago. It was pretty awesome. I think people who compare the movies in a trilogy are just fucking stoopid. It’s a trilogy. It’s one movie in three parts. You can’t judge something in segments. You’ve gotta look at the big goddamn picture.

The Matrix Trilogy was awesome. This is what I’m saying. It had a fucking incredible conclusion, but I refuse to give any sort of spoilers. All I will say is that it was a damn tragedy and it ended just the way it should have.

In other news, I had an interview at WAL-MART. I got in on the last day of first interviews, which in a lot of ways is a damn miracle. I was really nervous, mostly just because I already love my job, but I’m not making enough. I can’t save much, I can’t support myself on that income. It’s a shame, and if I end up getting the job at WAL-MART I’m going to miss everyone at A&W to death. So anyway, it was a group interview at FIRST… we watched the life story of Sam Walton and the WAL-MART franchise and then we did a little dance and a cheer (…”squiggle”…). Then we went to another room and filled out applications. It took me like half an hour to fill mine out. Anyway, then we had one-on-one interviews, which was kind-of great. I was interviewed by Lisa from Whitehorse. She was really nice.

She told me I’d be getting all three interviews (which means I’m supposedly going to be hired) but there are no guarantees. I’m not going to fuck up the job I’ve got until I’ve got the new job in the bag. They promised me a solid 37.5 per week at 8.25 per hour. That doesn’t even put me in the next tax bracket, so it’s pretty sweet. My tax return would be even bigger.

I don’t know. I’m torn. I have no experience with what working for WAL-MART is like, or who Ian (my prospective “Coach”) is like, and I love the job I’ve got (even though it’s a dead-end minimum wage job). I’m hoping that Campbell will match their offer if I get one. But I’m doubtful. I feel guilty for having done this, but it is in my best interest. I can’t afford to turn this down if I get it. 😦 AGGHHHH! THE CONFLICT AAAGGGHHH!



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 11/09/2003.

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  1. Conflict? What conflict? The way I figure it is, that Campbell hired us, and now he’s not giving us what we want. Like you said before, no matter how much fun you have at it, it’s still a job. Here’s something that not everyone might know. The reason why your and my hours have been cut back is because Campbell told Cristina to do it. Not specifically us, but he said that hours had to be cut back in general. I’m not even sure why he hired more people after I got in if he wasn’t going to keep them having hours.
    Top that off with the fact that he practically told me to quit and get another job… Yeah… I have no problems with going to Walmart.
    Only bad thing about that, is that if you quit at A&W for another job, he won’t hire you back.
    A&W does have the whole rearanging your hours to suit your life thing pretty good, and he mentioned that there aren’t many places that’ll do that, but if it comes down to living in a box with the weekend off, or working on Christmas and having food… I’m going for the latter…

    Ummm… Long winded ranting aside, I’d love to check out all three movies in a row. I’ve only seen the first one.

    • Phil…

      Wow. Someone gives you an incredible opportunity and you turn into a huge bitch. We don’t own A&W. We don’t make A&W the money it makes, we just help. I think that you’re being a little bit ungrateful. Think of it this way, you’re lucky you got a job at all. Being 19 and having zero work experience and NO college prospects looks like SHIT on a resume. It totally puts a shit mark through all the volunteer work you’ve done. You are SO lucky that A&W gave you a job. And stop with the whole conspiracy shit. We’re not being targetted, it’s just the way it is. Our hours are being cut back because people aren’t coming to the restaurant to eat as much. We’re losing $500 a night. That’s half to a third of a day’s profits. So chill out. Okay? Don’t take everything so personally. You’ve only been there a month. When I came to A&W they were REALLY understaffed. They aren’t in the kitchen. And yes, GET another job. But stop being a prick to the guy who gave you the opportunity in the first place.

      • Re: Phil…

        For starters, I never said that “we” were being targeted, and in fact, I said the opposite. Please read again if you missed that the first time.
        You make it sound like I don’t realize what Campbell has done for me (and I assume others). I really do thank him for it, and have said so to him more than once. It’s just that things aren’t working out in the way of hours. I’d much rather stay working for A&W and with the people there, but I don’t really see that as a viable option at the moment, so I can’t do it.
        I know they are doing what they can with what they have, but right now, it’s just not enough, no matter how much anyone wants it to be. I know it’s not their fault, and I don’t truely blame them for it.

      • *sigh*

        I’m sorry. You caught the tail end of Kassi’s raggy attitude. You did come across a little ungrateful though, and sometimes I don’t even think you realize it. However, I do agree that yes, sticking with A&W if you get a better offer somewhere else is NOT an option. I agree whole heartedly. Much love and DAMN THE SNOW!

      • Re: *sigh*

        I had figured that it would have been something like that.
        I do realize that I sounded that way, though I didn’t truely mean to. It’s kind of a person defence for getting hurt. I’ll explain in short.
        If you believe that someone/thing really likes you and loves you and will take care of you, your happy, but as soon as something goes wrong and you find out the opposite, then your crushed and lost. On the other hand, if you believe that something/one isn’t really helping you too much and is only going to be that little stepping stone in life that helps you for a little while, when something goes bad, you just sit back and go “Yup… Coulda told you that’d happen.”
        At A&W, I am just another employee, and to think anything else is foolish. I’ll get all the perks and dives that everyone else will (well… of the new people, anyway), and that means that I don’t expect to get any special treatment no matter what’s going on in my personal life. That sort of thing is left outside the place of work.
        I’m not ungrateful, more like… unsatisfied… and only because things are sucking for everyone there, including Campbell.

        Yes, yes… much love, and I’m still getting comments on the hair 😛

  2. Kassi, I hear you. I’ve begun to have job problems too. Also, I agree with you about Revolutions. It got some bad reviews, and people I know *cough* hated it, but I was really amazed by it and I think it is an excellent trilogy. Good luck at Wal-Mart!

  3. Phil, why not have two jobs, I mean if you find another one, keep both and you should have enough $. Sometimes not though, and for me it wasn’t worth it because I was burning at both ends. Stick to it and you should get more hours. It should be a bit reassuring that they don’t give the most hours and therefore money to new people because that’s not fair to those who have been there so long and creates resentment. It’s sad that employees are usually just numbers, but I guess we just have to accept that we accomodate them, not the other way around. The best place for hours is McDick’s, where my sister can work as little as two days per week(which she does now because of dance) or 7(which she did in the summer) and they always call her and have an on-call option. There, she puts on a sheet *when* she would/can work, and that is all they schedule her for. As much or as little as she wants. I have to work whenever they put me down, unless I have a bone scan like this week. I choose this over McD’s though, and I’m not complaining b/c I am in a lucky job situation otherwise. I also see how my workplace is now, and it took time. Good luck with it all, and though it’s hard, allow yourself to hope things will work for you.

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