Okay so I haven’t updated for awhile. Although I’ve also been sick and busy.

Halloween I went into town early to go up to the college with my Dad. Turns out I’m ineligible for a student loan according to my course load. According to the college I’m only eligible for a loan if I desperately need the money and cannot work a full time job at the same time. These people SUCK. So I may not be going. Ever. Personally I’d rather be financially stable than living in a shambles with Barney the drunk while studying for some huge exam that I can pass but will never make a difference in my life. When the opportunity arises though, I will go. It just seems to me that the more I think about my going the less sense it all makes.

Anyway, after that I went over to Phil’s. Turns out he’s ALWAYS having a crisis. Phil, if you’re reading this: There is too much DRAMA in your life! Shaun is an asshole. DEAL WITH IT! Both of my parents are condescending to me on a constant basis. You don’t need to recap every pricky thing he says to you. Stand up for yourself. I do.

Anyway, we had fun for a little while and then he had work, so I dropped him off and went to Tyler’s for three hours. We played games and watched music videos. Sheldon made me Kraft dinner (all the nice guys do). Steve was a big old grouch. I don’t know why. Apparently he has introverted moments where people (and this even includes me) are nothing but a nuisance. Personally I say it’s bullshit and he’s looking for an out sometimes.

So after that, Steve came over and we all got ready to go, then we picked up Phil and headed for Tyler’s. Phil was dressed as himself, aside from the vampire teeth. I didn’t see the point but I guess any stretch is still a stretch. We bought ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and ended up spending MOST of the night sitting around Brandon’s computer oohing and aahing at his picture collection (the bulk of which was either porn or something to do with Star Wars). I was bored.

EVENTUALLY we went out for awhile and frightened trick-or-treaters with “BushMonkey” and knocked on doors bravely to ask for candy (we are dorks). This one guy got all paranoid and was like “I don’t think so… GET AWAY FROM MY CAR!” Holy shit. The guy was such an asshole. IT’S HALLOWEEN! IF WE LOOKED SCARY IT IS BECAUSE WE HAD FUCKING COSTUMES ON YOU FUCKING GODDAMN ASS FUCKING GAY FUCKING PRICK!!!!!

Some people just SUCK. Anyway, we went back to Brandon’s and watched Wrong Turn then went back to Phil’s. Steve and I stayed the night.

I felt like shit the next morning and had to work for 8 hours. I feel like shit still now and I have to be at work at 9am. Argh.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 11/02/2003.

9 Responses to “Halloween”

  1. Sounds like you had an fun hallowe’en. Yay for fun hallowe’ens. 😀

  2. *shrugs* Come on… Just need a place to vent 😛

    I usually don’t really care all that much, but you know.

    Uhh… Was going to say someting else, but can’t remember what it was.

    • *shrug*

      Sometimes you come across as seriously invested in your feelings about this. You sound very much like an abused case sometimes… hmm. I dunno, but I do vehemently agree with your venting strategy.

  3. We watched “Wrong Turn” too! What did you think of it?

  4. Yeah, you explained well about the “you’re too old for candy” guy

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