Okay, so payday was yesterday. I didn’t get everything I wanted, but there was a lot of restraint involved. I only spent like a third of my paycheck. I really wanted to make it to the $1000 mark. I have a feeling it will be the one thing that saves me from having to move out. I think now that my parents are seeing me make an actual move towards the college life, they’ve reconsidered this whole kicking me out thing. But don’t worry, I’m not cooling my heels permanently. Just until I’m off to the right start. Right now it would be just financially hazardous for me to do any sort of moving. I plan to wait until I have half my tuition saved and a few months rent and food packed away in the bank. I want the security of knowing that if anything goes wrong I’ll have time to fix it. I’m likely looking at anywhere between 2 to 4 months wait before I finally move out. I’m trying to push everything back as far as I can. I don’t want to live off of bread and water like my Dad did because he hated his parents.

In other news, my hair is BLACK! I think I may have chosen the wrong TONE of black, because while I can pull off both a winter and a summer, It’s hard pulling them both off at once. The black has blue highlights in it. I may have to put some warmer tones in it to make it wash my skin out less. At first I was iffy about it, because it was SOOOO black. But nearest I can figure, not only has it grown on me overnight, but I only just dyed it. A bit of the intensity will wash out. (I hope. It’s fade resistant dye.)

I bought The Second Season of Angel and Mandy Moore: Coverage. I had to order in Scarface, so that will likely be my expense on the NEXT paycheck. I like November. No birthdays. Not that I know of anyway.


I have enough left for gas and food and that is STRICTLY it. I had this strange dream that my Dad was borrowing my car (which just doesn’t happen… believe me) and I made him pay me gas money. It was unrealistic but empowering. All the same a lot of people in my life were thrown together, which was even more unlikely because we were in Kitimat. Cherry was freaking out about my black hair and being like “You can’t BLEACH hair but you can dye it? Fucking right.” And she was playing music by someone I’d never heard of before but I was playing along like I was a musical genius. “Oh yeah, I totally know who that is.”

My little sister was there, and we got matching sparkly denim cell phone bags (which I think is funny because neither of us OWN a cell phone). I had my room arranged like a roman temple, only not so much. My bed was resting on top of 4 high wood bookshelves, and my TV was up high too. It was very Spartan. Yeah in my Dream my Dad had to stay in Kitimat for a long time, and we were staying in this hotel (me, my Dad and my little sister) and seriously, we were there for so long we started to redecorate. And in my dream (and this must have become lucid at some point) I remember thinking “We’re leaving tomorrow. Don’t bother moving anything, this isn’t real anyway.” And Doug took us out to Dairy Queen. To get there we had to get through this hotel lobby where you had to complete all of these tests to get through it. It was weird.



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  1. Hehehe… The black hair kinda suits you… I bet you could do some really interesting things if you had it down and but on black lipstick/eye shadow.

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