Underworld and NEW LAYOUT!!!

NEW LAYOUT!!! (Such a redundant statement).

Yes, ladies and gents… after 5 LONG months of waiting I have finally seen it. Steve said I looked pretty bored, but actually I had a really great time. The movie kicked ass, and being with my friends was a pretty great experience.

I haven’t gone out with friends in so so long.

Got some things worked out. Everything was awkward and I don’t like it when things are that way.

In other news I’ve secured my first thousand dollars while still being able to save at least $222 this time around. I’ve saved $300 because I was a little over budget. I think it’s the gas money. Anyhow, I have to call the college and speak with administration about making an appointment for some time next week so I can get all of my courses in for November. It’s only one course really but it’s like 9 mini courses in one, each is a month long. I have to secure my student loan as well so I may end up there for a few hours.

So I’m dying my hair black. The blond in my hair has gone sort of brassy and my roots are hardcore showing. I decided I needed a change. But one problem arises from dying my hair. It starts growing like no tomorrow. I dunno. Hair just seems to do that.

I want to buy a few other things as well:

Britney Spears: Get In The Zone (November 18)

Mandy Moore: Coverage

Scarface 20th Anniversary Widescreen Edition (For Steve)

But anyway… collegeness. Laters.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 10/23/2003.

2 Responses to “Underworld and NEW LAYOUT!!!”

  1. Each month is another course. There are 9 courses… Heh. It’s like you’re pregnent. 😛

    Isn’t it funny how “large” amounts of money (a.k.a. $500) used to seem like a lot, only a year or two ago, but now it goes in no time? I remember when $5 was a lot of money, and took a week to spend. 😛

  2. Hey there Kassi, you and I still need to do something…yeah, Underworld was pretty cool, I was surprised to see you there on Tuesday – thought you’d be first in line on the first night!

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