Nothing. 0.0

Sunday 19:
Monday 20: 3-11
Wednesday 22: 1130-8
Friday 24:11-630 (Mall)
Saturday 25: 1-9
Sunday 26:1030-4

Eye still hurts. Need boyfriend. Foreign men hitting on me. Ow.

o.0 (Cannot fully open one eye.)



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 10/18/2003.

3 Responses to “Nothing. 0.0”

  1. Foreign guys hitting on you? Ickies! Unless they happen to have a pretty bristish or scandanvian accent they are icky.

  2. At least you are gettin hours… For some reason, I’m getting less hours now, than the first week I started… Any ideas why?

    • New Hires

      You’re only into your third weel (aka the end of the first pay period and the beginning of the next). Don’t worry too much. They want to have you good and trained, and then more hours will become available. Because you’re full time, you’ll get more hours FAST. Just make it known that you’re available any time. If they know that you want to work chances are they’ll let you.

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