Major construction of my Buffy site is underway. These features can be found there upon posting….

  • Sunnydale Bodycount
  • The Bestiary (A Dictionary of Sunnydale Monsters)
  • Photos (rare, and classy)
  • History (A complete breakdown of the life of Angel and Spike)
  • Angel Family Tree (extention to History)
  • Hosted Fiction and Art
  • Mythology and Spells
  • Complete List Of Songs (Chronological Order)
  • Complete List Of Merchandise
  • Slay-Speak Buffy Translator
  • Staff Profiles and Home Addresses
  • The Slayer Handbook
  • Wry Wit
  • Games and other Goodies

    It’s gonna take a few weeks to build but I have the bulk of it on a very basic level. I just have a lot of picture editing and html cleanups to do before posting is an option. The site is modelled after the Doublemeat Palace website (which I made up from scratch) and features vidcaps and rare pics of cast members. Also has loads about ChupaChica Online and Affiliates.

    Stay tuned that’s pretty much all I had to say, but it’s looking fucking great right now.

    ~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 10/09/2003.

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