Stuff, not all but some

The Buffy Doll… a cheesy addition that I wouldn’t play with, but would admire… 😀

I like them all. But I’d get the Buffy/Angel one… and the Buffy/Spike one…

Any girl who likes Buffy SHOULD HAVE THESE THINGS!

Magic The Gathering Cards themed after Buffy… YESSSSSSSS!

Buffy Chess.

So I can laugh about all the years we had together…

The Willow Doll, to be best friends with the Buffy Doll

So I can proudly represent the years we had together…


The only way to celebrate Christmas…

The final script, for reasons of epic proportion…

A claddagh ring. I already have 5 but one can never have too many.

For the everyday Anti-Religious.

For aforementioned reasons…

For my Espresso Pump-inspired kitchen….

To go with the shirt

Long flowing black betsey johnson dress, Satin, ankle length, LONG sleeves

Kick ass.

I got called into work today. It was very uninteresting. I didn’t do anything and it was really slow for a Monday. Shocking. I was blown away by my boredom. They didn’t let me have my break until like 7 hours into my shift. That SUCKED.

I have the next three days off. My computer is out of drive space.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 10/06/2003.

7 Responses to “Stuff, not all but some”

  1. Baahaahaa! I love the “Welcome to Sunnydale” sign… It’s so fitting 😛

  2. Cool stuff! I’m not as hugely into Buffy as you(would it even be possible?! ^-^) but I do like the undies. Long time with no breaks *suck* and I so feel for you. I only get a break if I’m there from 9-6, so any other times, like 12-6 or the like = no breaks, though we are allowed to stand still, and eat from the candy jar and coffee machine. It all gets old fast though and I get the urge to break out into the mall!

    • There is no Buffy fan greater than I

      Buffy is my hero. As for breaks, I understand completely. I can’t believe they make you go that long without breaks. Legally you’re entitled to 10 minutes within a 5 hour shift and 30 minutes for anything greater than a 5 hour shift. Bring that up with the boss. It’s called labour relations. Learn your laws, they’ll be an asset to you. I love ya, Jess, talk to you soon.

  3. I also like the underwear, *L*, I want to run around with a Spike thong on!
    Kassi, I don’t think I’ll be able to hang out tomorrow – I’ll call you to make sure you know, but my mom is saying that if I don’t stay at home tomorrow she’ll cancel my flute lessons. She’s a pre-menopausal bitch right now. Anyways, sorry, I do want to hang out with you. Maybe on the weekend or something? Ttyl, honey.

    • *sigh*

      Is there any reason why your Mom chose to treat me like the enemy? Why the fuck to the brothers always get away with everything? It’s so dumb.

      • Re: *sigh*

        Oh, honey, it had nothing to do with you – it was “you need to spend a day at home, you need to practice flute, you spend too much time socializing, wah wah wah Charlie Brown style”… not anything to do with you. And yes – he does.

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