Well today was Cynthia’s birthday party. Her birthday is actually tomorrow, but they rearranged the entire party just so I could go. I felt really important because of that, but also very bad because that meant I couldn’t go to Cayley’s party. I wonder what Sex and The City Night is like.

Anyway, Cynthia wanted all of this stupid crap for her birthday (she tends to collect the things she needs the least, or that serve the least purpose) like the new Cher CD and a card shuffler. Odd girl. Anyway, I bought her the Season 2, Season 3, Season 6 and Season 7 starter decks for the Buffy trading cards, and Chaos Bleeds one-shot comic (Also Buffy). I have decided that this is what I will be investing in from now on: I will restart my Buffy comic collection beginning with Origins and then #1. They’re not too rare yet, I can request back issues before the price goes up. I’m hoping. 🙂

I may get the hard cover annuals first, just because they’re the most expensive. That way I can throw $10 and $5 there whenever I get a craving. I am about to be their new favorite customer. They’ll probably give me a deal and I’ll get the binder for free. Joyness. I am so excited.

I got to see Steve again. He has the day off tomorrow, but unfortunately my shift runs smack dab through the middle of the day, so I can’t really see him. 😦 I get my new schedule tomorrow, so I’ll find out.

Today at work was odd. I was working 11-630 at the mall. I went to the mall at 11, stayed until 1 and then Gurveena got really sick (she was having intensely painful cramps) and she had to go home. So Balbir (Gurveena’s Mom) took over for both of us and I was sent to the KeithAve Restaurant until 3. I hated that, cuz it was superbusy over lunch, although I probably missed a load of rude mall customers for the lunch rush. At 3 I was shipped back to the mall.

The funny thing was, while I was on Keith, Tina took her half, and she got a chicken grill and a small poutine (we always order the same thing on our break). I was joking about our next meal deal, if it was like 40 large poutines for 5 bucks. She and I were drooling. I was insanely hungry. I kept joking about me being surrounded by a mountain of fries and cheese with my face all covered with gravy, licking my hands and laughing hysterically. It was good.

I drove home tonight. I’ve been home for about half an hour, but I was so tired I swear I almost put myself off the road a few times. I told Steve I wasn’t fit to drive. I guess he thought I was being melodramatic.

I just ate a lemon.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 10/03/2003.

One Response to “21”

  1. Love the ending… So simple, pointless, odd, yet somehow ammusing… “I just ate a lemon.” Damn it! Now I want a lemon!


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